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June is busting out all over. The spring ephemerals have faded away, and now the real beauties are taking over the iris, peonies, poppies, lupins, and the shrubs, lilac, weigela, and so many other native or wild shrubs; it's truly amazing. But once more, we need rain. It's been light drizzle on and off all day but nothing significant, and the farmers and gardeners are hoping it will amount to a bit more by morning.

We will start with birthdays. Best wishes to Rev. Karen Croxall, who has a lot on her plate with shepherding the Trinity congregation during this tough time, and she is also our supervising minister at Sandford/Zephyr United Church, also to Anne St. John, who keeps busy with work and grandchildren. Birthday greetings also to friend and sorority sister Diane Signal, back from their long sojourn in Florida. Happy birthday also to Ryan Tindall, who is working hard along with his wife Karen and staff to bring on those strawberries everyone is waiting for. Happiest birthday also to Heidi Lockerby, who had an 83rd birthday on June 11th, beating her husband and me by a month and a bit.

Rick McKinley also celebrates his 81st birthday; Rick has often been our worship leader in both Sandford and Zephyr. There is a bevy of our elder Zephyr folk who have or are celebrating big birthdays. On June 1st, Peter Doling was 91. Pete lives at home in Zephyr with his son. On June 6th, Jean Harrison was 99, and there was a family party on Sunday. On June 7th, Beth Brown was 92. Although Beth's family came from Zephyr, when she married Art, they moved to the farm in Sandford and raised their children there.

Happy birthday to another special lady who has reached 99 years! Eileen Warren and her husband Jim ran a hardware store on Lower Brock Street for many years and raised their son and three daughters there. My dad did a lot of painting and decorating for Jim as he had rental apartments that needed constant repair. One of her daughters, Judy, married David Risebrough, and she has been very busy working on the town plan for a central park area. Best wishes to all these very special people, examples of good and long lives to all of us.

Congratulations to Melinda Delorme on being presented with an award for Outstanding Teaching Staff of York Catholic School Board, Stouffville Secondary. We know Melinda puts everything into what she is doing. Congratulations also to Robyn Ottolini, who had two wins at the Ontario Country Music Association event, the first for Ontario Artist of the Year and the second for Single of the Year. Wow, she is surely making her note. Congratulations also to another young lady, Emily Shreeve, who was presented with the Ontario Volleyball Association Award of Excellence.

Here is a note from Bob Kirvan in regard to the 55 Plus Horseshoe Tournament last week: We had a great day playing Horseshoes at the Museum for the 55 Plus Games. We started at 10 a.m. and finished at 1 p.m. The winners were Case Glasbergen from Whitby and Bob Kirvan from Uxbridge. The runners-up were Murray Smith and Tim Thomson of Uxbridge. Maureen, the President of 55 Plus Games and Marilyn Events Coordinator of the Games, presented 55 Plus Pins to the winners.

We have the only Horseshoe Club in all of Durham Region. We have signed up nine new players this year, one from Whitby and one from Pickering. That word is getting out.

There is a tremendous number of events going on this week, and I hope you can take in some of them as they are all very interesting and informative. On Wednesday, June 14th, at 7:30 p.m., the Uxbridge Horticultural Group meets at the Senior's Centre. If you are bringing a flower to show, you must be there before 7 p.m. Flower of the month is the Iris. The guest speaker is Paul Oliver talking about birds. Paul is the owner of the Urban Nature Store and has been our speaker a number of times; always interesting.

On Thursday, June 15th, the Uxbridge Genealogy Group will meet both in person and via Zoom. The speaker is long-time member John Mclean, who will talk about the "Benefits of Using Maps for Research and where to find the most useful ones." To go on Zoom, find the website or the Facebook page for the link. Membership, whether in person or via Zoom for the year, is $25.

Friday night is the concert at the Foster. Guest performers this time are Ferrpost Jazz Ensemble, from Port Perry, led by Doug Ferris. This group has been very busy lately at a number of events in and around Durham Region. They have been entertaining in Uxbridge at Urban Pantry during Springtide Music Festival. On June 23rd, Douglas Mckenzie, guitarist, will be the performer. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the concert at 7:30 p.m. Admission is a donation at the door, suggested as $10.

People can simply drive around to all the published addresses and view the items for sale.

On Tuesday, June 27th, the North Durham Nature Group will meet at the Historic Church in Leaskdale for the regular meeting at 7 p.m. Guest speaker for this evening is Gail Fraser, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Environment York University. Her topic is "Cormorants and Conservation," their Bad, possibly undeserved reputation.

We had a wonderful morning of music at church in Sandford on Sunday morning as Reflections brought their music and words to us. I can never listen to them too often, and they are sought after all over the area. Next Sunday, Darlene Hallett will be our worship leader. All are welcome, 10 a.m.

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