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Another beautiful May week with a little bit of everything, hot, cold, rain, shine, and wind, but the garden perennials are coming along beautifully, and it's been very good for working outside. Most of my planting has been into pots, but lots of digging and hoeing is coming up this week. If you are one of those who like to take their used pots to Zehrs for recycling, there is only a week or so left to do that. They have cut the time from bringing them in quite sharply, as it used to be well into July.

From what I heard, the Uxbridge High School 100th anniversary Reunion was quite successful. There were a few offshoots to that major event. I know because of my sister-in-law. Joan Clarke and her sisters Faye and Elaine attended a reunion for those who went to Ashworth School. Ashworth has been closed for many years, but about five people met Friday afternoon to reminisce. I think there were one or two others for other Public Schools as well.

On Sunday, May 28th, at Ashbury and West United Church, there was a party in honour of the retirement of Rev. Carol Baggett (McKinley) after 25 years of service to the United Church.

Happy birthday to Grant. Grant is one of the sons of Harry and Lois Elford, who lived south of Sandford for many years. Birthday wishes also to Lynda Geer Kendry. Lynda grew up a couple of farms from me, on the 7th of Reach (Scugog). Also celebrating was Lynn Walker Tindall (+), who enjoyed a visit from several of her grandchildren. Lynn is one of the four lovely daughters of Grace and Horner Walker and grew up around Zephyr. Another lovely lady celebrating was Joan Evans Wideman. Joan is one of Olive and Lawrence Evans' children and grew up in town but lives at 23 now, with her husband Dwight.

Our sympathies go out to two families this week; the first is Craig Cornell. Craig, of course, went to school in Uxbridge. Condolences to brothers Keith and Carl and all the family. Craig was a veterinarian. Many will remember his mother, Betty, who worked with Drs. Lennox and St. John when they were the only two physicians in Uxbridge.

Our deepest sympathies also to the family of Alan Ball. Alan's parents farmed on the corner of 6th and Sandford Road. Then Alan took over, and now son David and wife LeeAnn are continuing. Alan was a beautiful singer and sang for many years with the Jr. Farmers Quartette, all over the country. His wife Annabelle was very active in the Sandford United Church, in the choir and UCW (United Church Women). Our deepest condolences to her. She lives at Douglas Crossing now.

Church this past weekend was held at Zephyr United Church with Pastor Laura Kay-Ntongwe leading the worship and Ruth and Alayna making beautiful music. Next week we move back to Sandford United Church, and Rev. Paul Reed will lead the worship, which will include a communion service. All are welcome; join us at 10 a.m. The following Sunday, June 11th, the wonderful group Reflections will be leading us with plenty of beautiful music.

The following week our message will be brought to us by Bev. Northeast, a well-known personage in the community at large. Bev will be talking about one of her projects, the backpack project for the Salvation Army, and we will be raising funds to assist with this work. You can write a cheque or cash directly to SA or to Sandford United Church and designate it for the M and S Fund for SA. On the final Sunday, we will host a lady we haven't seen for some time, Darlene Hallett. Darlene is an LLWL (Licensed Lay Worship Leader) and lives in the Little Britain area. You are welcome to join us for any and all of these services.

A little poem to welcome June by Andrea Dietrick:

Skies of azure blue honeysuckle vines seeming,

to climb to heaven

King sun shines down as muskmelons ripen in fields,

marigolds wear crowns with easy labour

Month six gives birth to summer,

dusk sweetly lingers

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