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Well, isn't it fun watching the grass grow? What else can you do because it is too wet to get out and work in the garden or cut that grass which is growing by leaps and bounds? The flowers are loving the warmer temperatures and all the rain, so build up your energy for when it stops! You can always plant indoors, which is what I am doing.

There were a few birthdays this week to note. Former mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor had her celebration. Although not actively involved in politics, she still keeps her hand in community activities. Although living in Port Perry, Jay Thibert has been deeply involved in the North Durham Nature Group since its inception and is an exceptional naturalist who helps lead many of the hikes taken by members. Another birthday girl is Annette Westgarth. Annette was born and raised near Udora but now spends a lot of time travelling to fun destinations. Happy birthday to all these people and any others who had a birthday or anniversary this past week.

Of course, there have been a lot of other activities going on in the past week. About 100 people gathered for the Annual Remembrance Poster and Literary Contests at the Uxbridge Royal Canadian Legion. Through the contest, Canadian school children honour Canada's Veterans through creative art and writing and ultimately perpetuate remembrance. Tish MacDonald explained that one special award this year goes to Uxbridge Secondary School's Norah Adams' Senior Essay submission, which advanced through each of the levels to make it to the national competition. This is a significant accomplishment. We are all very proud of Norah for her dedication to remembrance in submitting such an incredible entry. It finished: first at the Branch level, first at the Zone level, first at the District level, first at the Province level and second at the National level. Along with the monetary prizes awarded at each level, Norah's submission will also be printed on the Provincial Legion website and in next year's Winners Magazine.

North Durham Nature Group met for the first time at the Leaskdale Heritage Church with full attendance. The guest speaker was Joe Crowley, a specialist in amphibians, snakes and other small creatures. He gave an information-filled hour of slides and talked about how these animals survive winter and how many are being deprived of their territory by inappropriate building, drainage of swamps and wetlands and several other man-made conditions. It was an excellent presentation, and I saw many new faces in attendance.

On Wednesday evening at the Senior's Centre, the Handicapable Group presented a talent show. There was good attendance, and everyone enjoyed the various talents on display. Monday Morning singers also presented their Spring concert on Friday night at St. Paul's Anglican Church. I wasn't present, but I expect everyone who was had an enjoyable time.

On Thursday evening, the Friends of the Foster met at the Foster for their annual meeting. A number of items were discussed about past and future activities.

I hope everyone has observed there is new solar lighting outside, so the building is illuminated at night, a lovely sight. The inside dome was also painted, and the window way up there was also cleaned with new lighting installed inside.

We were informed the fantastic Foster at the Foster concert brought in almost $4000 for the maintenance of the building, much-needed assistance. Regular Friday night concerts begin this Friday night with Ferrpost Jazz Ensemble the special guests. Friday night concerts continue until October. Volunteers are badly needed to assist on these evenings. Please contact Bev Northeast to volunteer your time. The Foster will also be part of the Leaskdale Loop for some of the Saturdays this summer, beginning June 3rd.

The Epsom Girls met for lunch on Friday at Castle Johns in Port Perry. This is an amazing group of ladies who have known each other for at least 70 years and some over 80. I doubt there are too many similar groups in existence. It will be interesting to hear what people have to say about the coming High School Reunions, Uxbridge for 100 and Port Perry for 150. Can some of our historians clarify how Port Perry had a High school 50 years before Uxbridge?

The Uxbridge Horseshoe Club begins meeting again this week on Tuesday passed. To purchase a membership, which is $20, call Bob Kirvan at 905-852-9176. This automatically makes you a member of the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society and entrance to any program they host.

Several times I have commented on the Gary Hill Auctioneer sign at the corner of 7 and Davis Drive. It is a very eye-catching and unique kind of sign, and this week a number of trees and shrubs have been planted around the base. I am sure that when they have leafed out and taken on their full form, that will be a very attractive corner for passersby to see before the buffalo come into sight.

Speaking of the 7th, major road construction is scheduled to take place for several miles along its length this summer, so you might need to plan your drive into town differently than usual. We want and need these road maintenance done but hate to put up with the inconvenience!

Carol O'Neil was our worship leader at Church on Sunday. We were happy to have Carol Johnson back after a few weeks of ill health. Ruth and Alayna provided their usual beautiful music. Next week we are back to Zephyr United Church, with Rev. Bill Fritz leading.

On Sunday, May 21st, at 3 p.m., Reflections will be leading the worship service at Pine Grove Heritage Church. All are welcome to attend and enjoy the music and ambiance of this pioneer church.

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