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Another week of ups and downs, snow come, snow go. At least we can be happy the snow has not accumulated. Here’s looking at February and all the fun it might have in waiting. Of course, we will get the prediction from Wiarton Willy (Or Wilhelmine, as the forecaster is now a female) on the second, just about the time the paper is distributed.

Whether Wilhelmina sees her shadow or not, the February full moon is on the fifth. The various First Nation tribes had many names for this moon. Because it is very high in the night sky, rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. It will cast a shadow much like the midsummer sun. Hopefully, it will be a clear night as we haven’t seen much sun lately. The moon will be at its greatest distance from the sun and look five percent smaller than the average, so it is not a Supermoon but the smallest moon of the year.

News that the Sandford Store has reopened is good news for the village. Hopefully, it will get sufficient business to stay open for a long period of time as it is at the centre of the village. The operators encourage villagers to suggest items they might like to purchase there so that they can stock up on these. The store is open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.!

Shirley Hewlett had a couple of pieces of good news; the first was her shoulder has healed very well after her fall, and the second was they have a third great-grandson. Congratulations on both sets of good news!

Happy birthday to Chris and Craig Mustard, who are both (of course) 42. It doesn’t seem long ago that their parents, Grant and Rosemary Mustard, announced they had twin boys, and now Chris has twins of his own, plus one and Craig also has children, all getting big.

Jeff Stewart and Arlene Thompson have been getting in some serious skiing these days but took time to celebrate Arlene’s birthday. Happy birthday to Arlene.

Happy birthday also to Sharon Capstick. Sharon was born in Uxbridge and went to school there but studied Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. She now lives in Peterborough, but no doubt, she will be back for the big 100th anniversary of Uxbridge Secondary School later in the year.

Barbara and Stewart Blower have been away from Uxbridge for some months now, living in Goderich, where they seemed to be the spokespeople for the arts scene in that town. Goderich apparently has no newspaper, and so Barb has taken it upon herself to publicize the happenings of that town, and both have become an integral part of the Bruce Peninsula town.

Last Tuesday evening, the North Durham Nature group met once more at Scugog Library for the first meeting of the year. The first part of the meeting consisted of asking about the sightings of various birds, and there were a few unusual ones seen. Following that, the list of the nominated executive was put forward, and the voting for the new executive was. James Kamstra continues as President, but there are a few changes in other positions.

There were a very large number of books brought for sale, but I purposely did not bring my wallet in. Then a number of individuals gave five-minute presentations on subjects of their choice, most being a slide presentation, and all were very well received. The meeting next month will be a zoom meeting with the subject being Alvars.

The Foster season will commence again in May this year. All slots have been filled for many months, and it promises to be an interesting season with many former presenters and a few ones, brand new to the venue. Friends of the Foster are badly in need of some volunteers to help out with some setting up, greeting the audience as they arrive and helping to keep track of numbers. By doing this, you get to see some great performances for free, if you wish, but donations are always welcome.

Bev. Northeast has offered the Salvation Army phone as a service to people looking for a home or those with rooms or apartments to rent, as there are so many who are almost homeless. The number for the office is 905-852-0090.

The Historic Leaskdale Church is host to a series of Jazz concerts brought there by Tom Baker and friends. The first concert was this past Friday night, but if you missed it, there will be another on February 3rd and again on March 3rd, at 7:30 p.m., with donations at the door. Mark your calendars. This is something a bit different!

Church service next week, February 5th, we are back in Sandford. Carol O’Neil will be our worship leader that Sunday, followed by Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz on the 12th, Carol again on the 19th and Bill again on the 26th. On that date, we expect to have a Communion service as well. All are invited to join with us in these services at 10 a.m.

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