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Toronto reported the most snow in 70 years but of course, those who are around my age will recall how, as kids, the snow was much deeper than it has been for several years. You could often walk along the banks and touch the hydro wire, or walk onto the roof of the garage or house from a snow bank, being snowed in for a couple of days etc. Kids think you are exaggerating memories when it was true, with photos to prove it. Perhaps it wasn’t quite this early in the year though. I congratulated all my friends who headed south the first of the month for finally getting it right. One unwelcome result of the bad weather is that a lot of corn is still in the field. Farmers are waiting for it to dry some but that is not happening very fast. Driving by Lockie’s (Rush) facilities you see the stream pouring out, an indication of wet material inside. The bad weather brings out the different bird life. I have had a white-throated sparrow for several weeks, and a fox sparrow both of which are usually long gone by now. And finally, a pair of tree sparrows showed up. Although I haven’t seen a purple finch for a couple of months, a young male also was seen. At least a dozen robins are feasting on the mountain ash berries and maybe the grapes and a red-tailed hawk hangs out waiting for unwary small birds. Gary Ruona posted on Face Book, with photos, that he had a flock of 24 swans at his pond. The pair who has frequented Elgin Pond and Flummerfelts all summer is still in residence even though the free water gets less and less. The falling snow did not hinder the ceremony at the Cenotaph on Monday and a large crowd, or larger than usual was on hand to observe the day. The veterans got to ride a new conveyance for the first time so they didn’t have to walk the route, but the Legion Pipes and Drums band was on hand and a bugler to bring the usual service to the waiting crowd. The veiling snow added to the drama I think. My friend Donnalee Thompson Laing was visiting from her new home in Alberta but unfortunately I didn’t get to see her. She did have an interesting visit with Yvonne Harrison, Lynn Campbell and another school friend while they listened to the music of Walter Campbell. Happy birthday to Ashley Groves, foster daughter of Carol Johnson who is a busy lady living in Toronto now. Happy birthday also to my “big sister” Lois Bushell, who once was very active, with husband Barry, in the affairs of Uxbridge before moving north. A special note of congratulations to Elsie Giles who celebrated her 90th birthday with a party on Saturday afternoon. Until the last year or so Elsie could be seen walking into town from their home in Sandy Hook, which is quite a distance for anyone. Our sympathy goes out to Al Sopel and his family on the passing of his nephew, Phil, who suffered from pancreatic cancer. Sympathies also go to Mabel (Banks), a sister of Barb Harwood, whose husband passed away and whose funeral was Wednesday. Our Sorority ladies, minus the southerners, met Monday afternoon. The topic for the afternoon was ancestors involved in war, and everyone had a very interesting tale to tell about grandfathers, uncles and great-uncles who went off to battle, and those left behind. On Wednesday evening, the Horticultural group met. The topic “Gardening for the Birds” (and the Bees and Butterflies etc) attracted a large crowd. For the first time, there was a Silent Auction which brought a lot of lovely items and eager bidding. Next month is the annual potluck meal, and all spouses and friends are invited. There is great excitement on the hill north of me as a movie is being shot in the Foster; apparently it is a Disney movie, but a little different than what we might be accustomed to. They are shooting for two weeks. Our movie/TV star, Ken Welsh, has been in Europe on business but has had the chance to visit several of the wonderful cathedrals there. The ladies of the Foster have rescheduled their production of “A Christmas Carol” until this Sunday, November 24th at 1:30 p.m. Please attend this annual event and fundraiser for friends of the Foster. Rick McKinley conducted our worship service this Sunday and we were pleased to have Alayna Mathewson playing her violin, accompanying her grandmother Ruth Baker for all the music. Next Sunday Darlene Hallet will join us again at Zephyr United Church, at 10 a.m.

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