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All our farmers are happy because their hay got cut, baled and delivered to whatever destination, even if it was just a field with a tarp over it. However, I am sure more than one is becoming a little worried about the corn crop, which has been doing so well until now but is beginning to show signs of moisture lack. Our lawns have gone from lush and green to crisp and brown almost overnight. I have been watering my garden several times already, but it’s a big job.

Another thing which takes up my time is fighting with those cute little chipmunks, who are destroying my potted plants and large tubs. Even from my post on Facebook about ways to defeat them, a lot of others are waging the same battle. If it’s not with them, it’s the squirrels who like to chew up your bird feeders. These gangsters work during the day while the raccoons come out at night and haul down the feeders the squirrels have already emptied. I think there must have been a bonus number of births this year!

Congratulations to all the graduates, from whatever level. This year there seems to be more that I know than usual, maybe because the number included great nephews and nieces who have more than proved their worth already. Best wishes to all those starting a new level of learning and to those going out into the world looking for a satisfying job. It seems their job journey will be much different than those of previous generations now that computers rule the world, and they are expected to change jobs several times during their life. Opposite to what my generation wanted.

The Leaskdale Loop is happening on the second Saturday of the month, in this case, July 9th. There are about 16 stops you can make for produce, crafts of all sorts and many great historic and interesting places to see right here at home. Time is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but if you are particularly interested in a site best to see their webpage for times. This Saturday, there will be bagpipes at Banjo Cider to entertain you.

After an unqualified success with the Gardens of Uxbridge on June 25th, the Maud Squad are ready to begin their very satisfying lunches again this month, with several interesting subjects being discussed following the special lunches in the church. Go to their Facebook page or website for tickets, which are $30 this year. Later in the year, there will also be another dramatic presentation to enjoy.

The Friday Night at the Foster music series is well underway. This Friday, July 8th, David Donar and his guitar will be the musician. David has been with us many times before and is always enjoyable. We are happy to welcome back our student intern, Nic, who is now beginning her fourth year in this position. We are hoping to find some more volunteers to assist with crowd control (haha) on Friday nights and help make decisions about what needs to be done at the Foster. And you get to see a free show if you wish. Admission is by donation, and $10 is suggested as these help us make very necessary changes and repairs to a unique building.

Carol O’Neil returned to us in person Sunday at Sandford Church. I say in person because Carol prepares a service for us whether or not she is leading that Sunday. She has done this faithfully all through the pandemic and continues still. Our musicians Sunday morning were Donna Mathewson (Ruth Baker’s daughter) and her daughter Alayna. They are a tremendously musical family.

Next week is a special Sunday when we celebrate the 6oth anniversary of the United Church Women (UCW). Carol will be the leader, having grown up in UCW and recently moving out from being president of the Lake Ridge Presbyterial. There will be displays of some historic documents, and Nancy Wolfe will once more be playing, something she did for 33 years for us.

Happy birthday last week to Nicole Stewart, wife of Jeff Steward, computer whiz. Birthday wishes also to Gary Edwards, who seems to be at the 60 mark. Hard to believe this man loves cats. A good job since his wife is always bringing more home to look after.

Special birthday wishes to Corinne Croxall, a lady I have known and loved all my life. Corinne was 97 last week. Husband Ted is recuperating in the hospital from a broken hip but has gotten to the stair-walking stage, so he should soon be home. He is 99, and they will have been married 73 years in September.

Cor and Jenny Van Maurik took a day trip last week and went to visit Bob Meek, who was in hospital in Sturgeon Falls, recuperating from COVID and urinary infection. Best wishes to another of our older friends.

Happy birthday to Marilyn Dobie, who will be 90 next Sunday!

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