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Is it Spring yet? Is it Spring yet? Well it is feeling like it but we all know better than to assume no more snow will fall or winds howl, during the next month at least, but all this sunshine is sure a wonderful change for most of us. Still too much snow for any snowdrops to be seen, but maybe in the next couple of days! We can always hope that in some corner the sun will have burned through the frozen ground. This week, for me, started with a party on Monday when my life-friend Darlene Christie celebrated her 80th birthday with close to 80 friends. It was a day of meeting friends and bringing up memories of when we were all much younger and the world was a different place than it seems to be now. On Tuesday the monthly Community Care luncheon was held and the food was prepared by Bethesda Reach WI, very tasty! The entertainment was by a lady playing a flute in a most accomplished manner, whose daughter is the young lady now working in the office who took over for Crystal Paisley. On Thursday evening, I traveled with Nancy Hannah to the Pickering Naturalist Group meeting, of which we are both members. The guest speaker was our own Geoff Carpentier who was speaking about the trip to Africa that he and his wife Kim took a few months ago. His lovely photos showed off the “Big Five.” Although the big cats and ungulates were all wonderful finds, I think they, as I did many years ago in Rwanda, felt the most attraction and awe towards the mountain gorillas, who seem so very human when you are near them. Friday was Women’s World Day of Prayer and, unfortunately we were not informed about any event taking place. There was one, as one of our members found out in time and was able to go to the Baptist Church. She said it was a wonderful service with a youth band and a young man delivering the message and all in all, one that I would have greatly enjoyed attending. The week ended with another party. This one was a brunch gathering at Utica Hall and was in honour of Danica Ashton Filatove, my great-niece, and her new baby expected in April. He will be my first great-great nephew! Her friends did a fantastic job and it was so nice to see all my relatives not seen for awhile. This baby will be very well clothed for many months with lots to play with! Continuing with the good news, a huge congratulations to Mike and Susan Risebrough, Jamie and Rachel of Maplebrough Farm, in being presented with a Master Breeders 2020 award! It’s a great honour and we are all very proud of them as Gord and Dorothy would be. A big congratulations also to Rev. Elizabeth Cunningham on having received her doctorate recently. Elizabeth was minister at Mount Albert for many years, and lately at Stouffville, but often filled in at our churches when our ministers were away. She also married a local boy. She will now be Rev. Dr. Elizabeth. Wayne and Karen Rynard just returned from a visit to Florida and a Caribbean cruise. They said there were very stringent health care observations on board such as constant washing of hands, things being wiped down etc., and there was no hint of any health care problem. Of course, they were not in the parts of the world being the hardest hit by COVID-19. Best birthday wishes to a number of people which include Dan Moore, Ken Maynard (fire dept.) Superman John Cavers and Craft-maker Diane Payne! We wish then all the best in the coming year! Our best wishes for rapid recovery to Rev. Carol Baggett, Rick McKinley’s wife, who underwent an operation this week. Their new puppy is keeping them both occupied. One piece of very sad news was that Gord Rolling passed away earlier in the week. Gord had been in Southgate ever since Gisela had been taken to hospital, but had not been well for quite some time now. Gisela’s sister has been here from BC and keeps Heidi Lockerby informed of their conditions. Gisela has improved some and came out of the coma, but was still in a very acute stage. Our prayers are with her, even more now. There will be no service for Gord until Gisela is capable of making a decision. The celebration of life for Grant Hill was held at the Zephyr Hall Sunday afternoon, with a large crowd of friends and neighbours in attendance. Rick McKinley took the March 8th morning service, the 2nd Sunday of lent. His message was about the negative way about Christian Advertise-ment, that instead of focusing on the wonderful things about being a Christian, only negative and depressing aspects are dwelt on. Next week Carol O’Neil will be with us, and for the following Sunday as well. Please join with us. Remember also the St. Patrick’s Day party to be held at the church March 17th, at 6 o’clock with an Irish type foods potluck supper. All are welcome to attend. Please bring a donation for the Food Bank.

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