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Another week of isolation, self or otherwise imposed. It sure feels strange not to have specific dates and times for doing things, no deadlines to meet and not having to get up at an early hour. I am afraid this will all be a hard habit to break whenever it is resolved, but we all should be well-rested. Unfortunately, there are still many who are waging a battle on the front lines for our benefit and we can all hope they get the equipment, personal protection gear and meds they need. It is particularly serious in long-term care homes and nursing homes where many in this area already have outbreaks among compromised patients. Staff are succumbing to COVID-19 and having to go home to their families. However, I do not agree with some who steadily demand more money from the governments for all classes of people. Yes, it’s needed, but perhaps part of the problem is that a whole generation, maybe two, has grown up with the “gimme, gimme” attitude. Perhaps now they won’t feel the need to spend every single penny on more stuff as soon as their money arrives. I know some need to do that for rent and food etc, but not everyone who “wants” something actually “needs” something. There were a few deaths to mention, none from COVID-19. Lois McConney and her husband Al came to Uxbridge in 1964, where she became the long-time English teacher. Hundreds of students will have gained knowledge from her in the 20 years she taught. Both she and Al were very active in the Uxbridge Community in a variety of organizations, as well as doing a lot of travelling. Our sympathies to her family! Sympathies also go out to Doris Gilbert Noble (Dave) and Beatrice Gilbert Hockley (Ken) in the passing of their brother Walter “Roy” Gilbert. The family was raised around Uxbridge and has been very active. Another obituary that caught my eye was that of Carole Redshaw, nee Ashenhurst. The obituary said she moved to Uxbridge in 2007 from Claremont. However, I knew Carol when we were both kids, when her family lived at the now-extinct community of Bethesda, just north of Epsom. Her parents Corless and Phyllis were active in community affairs as well as the Bethesda United Church, which was the third point on the charge with Epsom and Utica. She has led an exemplary life and not wasted a moment! The last was one most from Uxbridge won’t know, but John Murray Williams was the son of Murray Williams who owned Williams Motors just west of Port Perry. I went to High School with him and his sister Jean. I bought my first car there, as I was working in Port Perry at the time, and would take it in for servicing there and get a loaner. I always laughed when I got in because I immediately knew that it was Murray’s car. He was a very big man, and the front seat was rather squashed down. I would need to use a pillow to see out. Our sympathies to all these families and to those we don’t know, whose loved ones are dying as a result of the virus. Some birthdays this week were Janet Cox Rose (Jamie), Patricia Hamilton (Charles), Julia Baster Fraser (Paul), Joel Van Veghel Myslik. I hope they were able to celebrate with family even if they couldn’t go far. Best wishes to all those celebrating something very quietly this week! For those following Reverend Eiko Hosaka, she has accepted half time at Bradford United Church, which has had to cut their hours due to financial constraints. Our thanks to Reverend Diane Bennett-Jones and Carol O’Neil, both ladies who shared their worship services with us today! Carol was not even supposed to be ministering this past Sunday, but went ahead and prepared a full service. This was supposed to have been our Communion Service, potluck lunch and Annual meeting with Reverend Paul Reed, but of course, that was cancelled. It has been postponed until April 29th but that date does not look promising. We tend to criticize young people for having no initiative, but I want to mention Derek Hackner, son of Barry and Barb. Derek’s great aunt Ilah Weller, being close to 100 years old but with a mind obviously as sharp as ever, still lives near Zephyr with her daughter. Derek has been taking advantage of that and plying her with questions about his family. It’s amazing what he has found out by spending time with her. I can only wish others would be as wise and seek out their elders while they can, to find out all they can before they no longer have the source.


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