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Well, another week has passed of isolation. From the forecasts from the Ontario Government, this is really serious! People are not staying isolated. The possible numbers are horrifying! Do your part, keep your kids and yourself home. There are still reports of kids gathered to play at the parks or schoolyards. This is wrong and jeopardizes many people, your family and loved ones too. Once again we have had some deaths in the area, not connected to COVID-19. I sure don’t want to start reporting any of those. Gisela Rolling had been in St. Mike’s Hospital for a number of weeks suffering from flesh-eating disease, and underwent several operations to remove damaged tissue. She was going to need dialysis, but she passed away on March 30th. Her sister Inge, who lives in Vancouver, had spent some time with her prior to this. Her husband, Gord, died on March 4th in the Newmarket hospital. Gisela had few relatives here, but the Rollings have been in the area for many years. Christina Carter and her sister Yvonne announced the passing of their mother, Gerda Reuta. Both Christina and Yvonne have been very active in the Uxbridge Horticultural Society and had kept folks up to date on their mother’s progress. She was able to attend our final meeting last fall. Marion Gillham, nee Oldham, was well known in this area as the family farmed on the 3rd. Their son Kevin still does and their daughter Charlene Reeves helps raise horses. Both the Gillham and Olding families have lived in the area for many years and have a great many connections. Our sympathies to all these families in the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, no services can be held until a later, quite uncertain, date. This week the father of my friend and care worker Pat Snook passed away. The family farm was just south of Udora but had been sold in 2013 and he and his wife moved to Sunderland, where he passed away. They held a family service at Bethesda-Scott Cemetery on Saturday. Our sympathy to all his family. We hope that a number of people joined in the request to join a horn tooting party for Peter Ryzobal, who had to cancel his 80th birthday party. I am afraid that is going to be the case for far too many people, but hopefully we will all be around later, or next year to celebrate. Also celebrating was Adeline Clark, 11. The four Clark girls (5 counting their mom) can always find fun things to do at home on the farm (lots of new claves). Liam Edwards had his 16th birthday this week, somewhat different then hoped. Gloria Eng also had a birthday. Gloria is very busy with her job and being on the executive of the Legion and President of the Uxbridge Historical Group, and who knows what else. She is a bundle of energy! Leslie Thomas also quietly celebrated. You might know her better as the daughter of Dawn Marie Prentice-Thomas. Leslie lives in Toronto as does her mother Dawn, and husband John Croxall. Nancy Wallace is one of the many daughters of Lawrence and Olive Evans, and she too had a birthday regardless of circumstances. Singer/songwriter/musician Linda Dempster celebrated too. Linda was to be one of the presenters at an earlier Friday, at the Foster Concert, which has now been cancelled. I am not sure if she will be worked in again in the shortened season or not, but hopefully you can hear her at the October Gala, at Sandford this year. Finally, Marianne Prince had a birthday. Mariane is well known around Uxbridge for her good works. Our best wishes to all these ladies and hope that 2020 will later be remembered for more than this pandemic in their lives. Our friend Deborah Clements has been doing her part to cheer folks up. First she piped her bagpipes for Betty Tapscott’s big 95th birthday, it would have been big, outside Butternut Manor, where Betty resides. Lately she has piped for Jerry Gaetz who now lives in Douglas Crossing and is not well. Our sincere good wishes for better health to Jerry and any others not well, including my sorority sister Marie Collyer. Sympathy to the families of those from Douglas Crossing who have passed away with COVID-19. My farmer friends indicate that the food supply will not be interrupted during this pandemic. It is worrying to hear that milk, for whatever reason having to do with trade I think, may be dumped even when testing perfectly. That is criminal, if true! Several farmers around the area also rely on foreign workers, Caribbean, Mexican, South American, to arrive to help with the crops. This is crucial as these are generally jobs Canadians won’t do. Maybe if they get hungry enough, they will give it a try. Kudos to our dear Melinda Delorme who each day does a video she calls “Jammie Jams” where she sings a song and comments. Melinda is an opera singer but can sing any kind of song, often accompanied by herself on the piano or hubby Darrell on guitar. If you want some laughs, and some great acting, find videos on YouTube by Ken Welsh. He has made several to cheer you up. Thanks again to Reverend Diane Bennet-Jones, Carol O’Neil and Eiko Hosaka for sending us their services again. It’s wonderful they remember us, especially at this particularly holy time of year, in the Christian calendar. Kudos to the nurses in our area, Jen Edwards (21 years), LeeAnn Ball (28 years), Ellen Smalley (30 years), Elaine Cox (45 years), Gloria Ross, Barb Hackner and Jen from Sandford as well as all our health care workers.

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