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Finally some warmer weather! The weekend was what we ordered so let’s hope it continues. I saw a couple of convertibles going by and even a classic and an antique car, one of my favourites, passing by. And, of course, lots of motorcycles roaring around! I am sure many people were out working in their garden. The spring flowers are springing up all over with such amazing colour once more. If you are like me you have already had seedlings come up and stretching to the light. Here are a couple of bits of old-style advice for those who can’t wait: Wait for the apple trees to bloom before planting bush beans. When the apple blossoms fall, plant pole beans and cucumbers. By the time the lilacs are in full bloom, it will be safe to plant tender annual flowers and squashes. Transfer tomato transplants to the garden when lily of the valley is in full flower. More next time! Happy birthday to Laura Cordingly (Jack) Hansen! Brett and Laura were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at her parent’s home on Davis Drive back in August. Happy birthday also to the littlest Brad and Marcie Clark’s daughter. She’s small but mighty! She enjoys the cattle just as much as her big sisters do and even likes to eat beef as well as help raise them. Our sympathies go out to the family of Tom Midgley. Tom served in the military for many years before working with the Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services. Tom may not be well known in the Uxbridge area but his wife Catherine (nee Sheehy) was born and raised in Uxbridge. His mother Lillian taught school in Epsom for many years. Our deepest sympathies to our former minister Reverend Eiko Hosaka, whose mother passed away last Thursday, in British Columbia. She had been ailing for some time, and Eiko had flown out to see her a couple of times while she ministered to us. She was 88. Because of the pandemic Eiko is not able to fly out now but says she hopes to hold a virtual service for her via Zoom before long. One of Eiko’s present parishioners from Bradford also passed away but from COVID-19, giving her a double whammy. More than ever, since the pandemic and isolation, people have been ordering things on line, calling stores and having items delivered or picking them up at the curb. Well, when I was growing up we did that too but for a different reason. Lakey and MacGregor, an uncle and nephew duo, owned the grocery store in Utica. The building is still there. You could go there to buy of course but you could also call your order in and they would deliver it on certain days. At other times one of them would come around and pick up your order at the house and then deliver it a couple of days later. Of course, there was not the myriad of choices in produce that there is now but you could pretty well feed and clothe your family from there. Of course, we can’t forget Eatons and Simpsons. Their famous catalogues were staples of every household, and maybe outhouse as well. Several different ones came during the years as the seasons changed and there was always loads of fun looking at the new fashions or furnishings available. I think mostly those orders were mailed in and were returned by the mail to our mailbox. Occasionally Dad would have to make a trip to the Port Perry Post Office for something big or special. A special event will happen next Sunday, May 10th, at 11 a.m., when the bells of Trinity United Church will ring 75 times in commemoration of the Liberation of Europe. There will be a small service led by Reverend Karen Croxall. The Library Bells will also ring at this time. The bells will ring 21 times at 6 p.m. every Saturday night in salute to the frontline workers.

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