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It was the first week of May and we had dull and dreary weather, not to mention snow, sleet, or rain, depending on where you are. Some neighbours just a few miles up the road got about 3 inches of snow, but our place got less than an inch, and it melted within a couple of hours. Things are sure mixed up! Gardeners are happy the nurseries and hardware stores are now open, so they can get at their digging in earnest. Here are some more old gardening tips: Full-sized maple leaves signal the right time to plant morning glory seeds. Peppers and eggplants can be transplanted when the bearded irises are blooming. When peonies blossom it is safe to plant heat-loving melons such as cantaloupe. Many women are working hard to help during Covid-19. Our Chief Public Health Officer is female, as are many of the Provincial Public Health officers, the Federal Ministers who head departments that are working to assist in alleviating the difficulties, and also the Chief Microbiologist! Ladies, we can be proud of what they are doing, especially on this Mothers Day! Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Affairs commented on Friday that the pandemic is taking a particularly heavy toll on those to whom we owe our freedom, those who fought in both World Wars, and later wars. Especially now, it is getting into native reserves and territories that those most at risk are often the last speakers of their language, and the carriers of their Indigenous culture. Laura Peers was born and raised in Udora by her parents: Reg and Gail Peers. They ran the mill there. Laura trained as an historian and anthropologist, and, after working in Ontario for a while, took a position as the Curator at Pitt River Museum in England, near Oxford. Her particular interest is Indigenous people, and the repatriation of artifacts taken from Canada to all around the world. She taught at Oxford for 20 years, but a couple of years ago she returned home and now lives near Lakefield and taught at Trent University. Her students there at the end of the term nominated her for a special Symons Teaching Award. Congratulations Laura and best wishes as she continues her work with museum repatriation and teaching the next generation to honour those artifacts. Congratulations to Johnathon Smalley who was nominated for the Slaight Music, Country Music Award. The awards announcement and presentation will take place in Early October (we hope). Happy 50th anniversary wishes go out to Linda (nee Postill) and Ron Eng who will celebrate on May 15th. Our sympathies go out to Gerry Collyer on the passing of his wife, Marie, on Sunday. Marie had been battling cancer since December. Our condolences also to Julie and Cam. Marie was a very talented and loving woman! Sympathy also goes to the family of Jerrold Gaetz, who passed away last week at Douglas Crossing from the same terrible disease. Condolences to his wife, Lynn, and sister Elinor Cole. Bill Richardson piped at a small graveside service. Best wishes for better health to all those folks who are suffering from whatever illness, especially something for which treatment has been postponed. We pray that surgeries, cancer treatments, and other medical attention will be restarted soon! Koodos to Gary Hill for the lovely addition he has made at the corner, surrounding his auction barn sign. It looks pretty now, but I expect bright flowers to soon appear as well. Happy birthday to Laura Ireland on her sweet 21st year, and to Leslie Moore Green. A birthday greeting also to Trevor Cox. It’s gratifying to see these young people, who you knew as children, grow up to be such assets to their family and community. A greeting also to Wayne Gunn! A moving ceremony took place on Sunday at the Cenotaph, when the library bell rung 75 times, starting at 11 a.m. The flag was lowered, a wreath place, and Deborah Clements played the bagpipes in tribute. 10 other pipers piped at stations around town. At Trinity Church, the bells also pealed 75 times, Rev. Karen Croxall delivered a short message, and the piper, Mike MacDonald, played, all in honour of the 75th years since the deliverance of the Netherlands. Our Bill Richardson was also one of the pipers.

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