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A better week and weekend than this you couldn’t have asked for! Guess it sort of makes up for the lousy long weekend preceding. Gardening is now in full swing. However, buying plants is not as much fun as it used to be, when rules apply, and you just can’t dawdle along taking your time admiring the plants before choosing for your own flower patch. I went to two different local garden centres, but the crowds were so great I came back home and will try later. That bodes well for the owners who I am sure lost a lot of plants in the time lost before they could open. Last week I ran out of space before writing about a special occasion. That was the 70th anniversary of Ken and Irene Watts, who live on Beswick Lane. At 95 years old Ken still plays horseshoes at the museum. They are regular attendees at the Community Care Lunch, even coming out to Epsom when that was occurring. Irene is active in community affairs. One day, some time ago, I had a phone call from Irene and she had rescued a book written by my father and wanted to return it to me. They organized a drive by parade to salute them at 3 p.m. Our best wishes for many more great healthy and happy years together! Again there were quite a number of birthdays to celebrate starting off with Susan Risebrough. Susan is a busy lady helping her husband Mike run their award-winning farm and looking after their three daughters, all active young ladies. Margaret Davison and her husband have not lived in Uxbridge for too many years but she had been very active, as president of Trinity United Church Women (UCW), a member of the Horticultural society and no doubt other groups. Jenny Van Maurik is another active lady as a member of our church and UCW, swimming several times a week. This latter of course was curtailed, along with the trips she and her husband Cor had planned for the months just passed. Stan Smalley is kept busy with his farming and his large family of very intelligent and progressive children, several of whom had recently had birthdays. It must keep his wife Amy very busy! Sherri Siegrist has lived all her life in Uxbridge, her father and grandfather where influential business owners, where most of us shopped in years gone by. Bruce Pickett was also born here but now lives south, in the Region. Lynda Kendry grew up as Lynda Geer on the seventh concession of Reach (Scugog), just up the road from where I grew up. Her parents and grandparent also came from there. Like a lot of our people Lynda goes south for the winter and barely made it back before lockdown. Lynn Tindal was one of the Walker girls from Zephyr with sisters Elaine Cox, Ellen Smalley and Cheryl Timbers. There is a family connection between Lynda Kendry and Lynn as Lynda’s sister Karen, who was a fabulous cook, also married a Tindall. Chandler Ball celebrated his birthday with his favourite cake, Black Forest, created by his mother LeeAnn. It certainly looked yummy and so did the many gifts he got! The youngest daughter of Brad and Marcie Clark celebrated her ninth birthday and the whole family marked the occasion (almost) by erecting a handsome sign at the entrance to the farm up the seventh concession of Uxbridge. They can all be proud of the sign, proud of the farm and of their four lovely daughters! Councillor Pam Beach also marked another birthday with a gorgeous gluten-free cake, with seven-minute icing, made by her daughter. Nothing was said about it being calorie-free, though! A very happy birthday to all and hopefully a much better year ahead, although none of this bunch was complaining too much about our current situation! I also want to pass on a big congratulations to two people, who you may or may not know of, but they are presently the ministers at two of our local churches, Epsom/Utica and Greenbank/Seagrave. Both have been serving as student ministers but recently were ordained, not in the usual manner but the deed is done. Both will carry on in their present situations for the foreseeable future, presenting video services each week while the lock-down is in effect. Alex Jebson is ministering at Epsom and has a positively beautiful voice as he leads the virtual congregation. Stephanie Richmond reminds me very much of our Reverend Diane Bennett-Jones, in her manner and the fact she uses puppets to get messages across. Once again our thanks to Reverend Diane and Carol O’Neil for providing services each week!

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