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What a week! That sure was tropical heat and humidity we experienced, with some folks getting rain showers and others none at all, until the last couple of days. Better than nothing, but not nearly enough to make up for the needed moisture. That rain came, wouldn’t you know it, on the weekend, which no doubt upset the plans of many who headed for the cottage to spend a couple of days at the lake. The Clark girls are thanking their dad Brad for making them a quite large pool out of hay bales and a very large tarp. Not many dads would take the time from a very busy schedule of farming to do this. Quite an idea, too! There were quite a few birthdays and other celebrations this week. COVID has squashed any big parties, but most families have managed to have some sort of gathering to recognize the special day. Les Smith was 42. Les, Erin and the children live in the Sunderland area but he was born in Sandford. I remember the few times as a teen he came to help me out with my gardening. Donna Ireland Kerry and family live on the 2nd of Uxbridge, just west of Zephyr now but she was born on the Kerry home farm on the 6th of Scugog, directly south of our farm, where her mother Elva, brother Glen and family still live. Congratulations! Alexis Bradbury is a young lady who loves horses and spends all the time she can with them, grooming, training, etc. She grew up around Uxbridge but now lives with her mother Lori Rundle (Bushell) on a farm south of Little Britain. Happy birthday, and since her job is classified as essential, she has not been off work looking after her horses. The next three are real troopers and persons to whom all respect and honour is due, because of their age and all they have done and accomplished in their long lives. Barb Hughes of Uxbridge is well known to many people, as no doubt you have heard her play her accordion on many occasions. How she carries that around I don’t know because it is heavy! She is a member of the Legion Auxiliary, entertains at Reachview and often at the Community Care lunches and many other functions. Marilyn Dobie is a very young 88! This wonderful lady has led a successful life, a few sorrows along the way, but always has a smile even though she misses her beloved Zoe badly after several months. Don Hewlett turned 90! Don and wife Shirley have retired and now live somewhat north of Zephyr but spend many years farming in the area and being part of the church and community. They will soon have been married for 65 years! Pat Snooks was born a few miles up the 7th of Uxbridge, on the farm where her parents lived until just recently, when her father passed away. In 2012 Pat remarried to Jim Nelson and they recently celebrated their 8th anniversary. They live now on the 7th of Scugog, close by my family farm. Pat works as a PSW and was my care worker when I broke my hip. This past week I had the unhappy task of taking my cat to be euthanized. She was 13 and had a serious case of diabetes. I want to thank all the ladies at the Pet Hospital on Main for their sympathy and kindness in such a sad moment. The hospital is now owned by Dr. Rachel Stadnyk, married to Jamie Risebrough, and they live in the house built on the farm for Gord and Dorothy on their retirement, therefore a Sandford resident. Please note that Ross Risebrough is in Uxbridge hospital and has been there for a couple of weeks. Ross has not been well for some time but fortunately was well enough to enjoy his 80th birthday party by family and drive-by from friends and relatives. It is expected he may be in the hospital for some time as they work to control swelling. Word is that very soon visitors will be allowed into the hospital, but until then a card would be much appreciated.

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