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Well, is it possible we are into August already? Where did the time go? I celebrated my 80th birthday on July 26th and since then the time has flown by. You recall that statement about the roll of toilet paper, a common subject for the last little while, going faster and faster as you get near the end? That’s what happened this week for sure! This July is said to be the hottest in something like 86 years! Hopefully that drastic period is over with the arrival of August, but not summer! We need several months yet of moderate heat now that we got that great rain Sunday and possibly more on Monday. It may have put a damper on holiday weekend activities, but it was desperately needed! Two weeks have passed since the last edition of the paper and a whole lot of people had things to celebrate. I missed a couple of important events earlier in the month, the first being the 60th birthday party, July 8th, for Sue Carmichael, accompanied with a drive-by county theme parade. Sue and Phil were on a trip to Yukon, I took with Conrad and Liza Boyce. The next is a special birthday for Marg Barton, that indomitable lady who turned 102 on July 15th and is still sharp and active. Another lady also very sharp and active is Eleanor Todd Beer, 87, also known as the Dandelion Lady. Eleanor is still dancing, still making dandelion concoctions. She is the author of a history book entitled ‘Burrs and Blackberries’! Others having birthday in mid to late July were Donnalea Thompson Laing, Deborah Dee, and Conrad Boyce, 70. Isabelle Smith was 90 on July 27th. Earle Lockerby celebrated his 80th on the 26th and is my twin at 80. His daughter Lisa hosted a small party on her lawn in Uxbridge. I had 3 events on my birthday! Saturday a few of my family members met at my sister Faye’s home for lunch, and it was great to have both grand-daughters present. Sunday my Epsom Girls spent a couple of hours here and we enjoyed our day under the apple trees, in the shade. That evening there was a drive-by, and it was so nice to see a number of friends, sorority sisters and church family, that I had not seen since the lockdown. Thanks to Faye for arranging all this even as she celebrated her birthday on the 22nd and Keith had his on the 24th! Jim Corrigan, Rick Bagshaw, Ryan Stemp (49) and Walter Campbell (69), all former Uxbridge guys, celebrated birthdays quieter than usual of course. Janet Morton and Kelli Geer also celebrated as did Dianne Bennett of Zephyr. Bill Lougheed son of Louise (Weir) and Steve became an adult, turning 18! Jackie Leppard’s mother Doriene Atkinson, from Merlin, near Chatham, was 82! Some anniversaries included Mike and Heather Moore who celebrated 13 years of farm life together and Chris and Brooke Acton who have been married for 46 years! Some deaths also occurred unfortunately, one of whom was Chris Acton’s father Cecil Williams, who had recently met up with family members he had never seen before and which he greatly enjoyed. Peter Van den Hoogan was employed at St. John’s School for many years as a painter and decorator and could always be relied on for a joke and a smile. One particularly tragic death was that of Shannon Tindall, 46. Shannon was the son of Mel and Karen (Geer) and followed his father into the cattle trucking business. He was at the stockyards when something happened and he was found slumped over. He was taken to the local hospital and then to Newmarket where he apparently died of a heart attack. Our deepest sympathies to Mel and other family members! His mother Karen (deceased in 2010) was a neighbor of our growing up on Reach (Scugog) 7th Concession. His sister Logan passed away in 2000 age 17. He will be greatly missed by the family and those in the business.

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