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Really, can it be mid-August already? I thought July went quickly, but August is moving as quickly with as much heat. Hope everyone has kept cool and enjoy some rest and relaxation, under the sun or in the shade, your preference. As some like to say, a few months from now we will wish that heat was back! Deborah and Dwight Clements did just that when they spent three weeks camping and canoeing in our northern parks, visiting with their family and getting better acquainted with their grandchildren. Lots of house trailers and campers passing by here, so I guess many are doing the same. Happy birthday goes out to Lori Rundle, nee Bushell, the second daughter of Barry and Lois. Lori is the horse woman and spends her time training and exercising a number of horses, along with daughter Alexis. Maryanne Herrema, with husband Ron, also celebrated with a big surprise from Ron. Jo Erickson is well known around here, being involved in many organizations over the years and singing with her friend at many events. Brie Walcott, nee Meek, is also a well-known young lady being heavily involved in Durham West 4H for many years. Big congratulations to all these lovely ladies! Earle Lockerby and daughter Lisa spend a week driving back and forth to Prince Edward Island earlier in the month as they closed down and sold the family cottage. I am sure it was a very sad occasion as Earle was born in PEI and spent his youth there. Even when living in Ontario, they continued to return to that cottage for several months each summer.

Big congratulations to Mike and Susan Risebrough, who celebrated their anniversary on August 15th. I find it hard to imagine that these ‘kids’ have been married 28 years! They have my great admiration for all they have done. Congratulations also to young Duncan McDougall, just turned 18, who was amongst the top 30 young musicians awarded by CBC. Duncan has played a couple of times at our Galas and was a favourite. He was also one of the 2 winners for the Uxbridge Music Scholarship Fund this year. When the pandemic has eased, he will be going to the famous Los Angeles Colburn School of Music, so we expect to hear greater things in the future! A note from Bob Kirvan tells me that the Horseshoe Club at the Museum is back in operation, with all safety precautions, including masks, gloves and distancing. About 70 have signed up. All these and many more are members of the Historical Society and if you have been by that way lately, you will notice several improvements for accessibility, paved walkways and paved parking lots for starters. Contact Bob for more info about the Horseshoe games. It seems there must be sadness as we lost two well know men of the community this week. Bev Beach was a farmer but spent 18 years as a township councilor, a lot of years to donate to your community. The Beach family has been in the area for many generations, as detailed in a book written by his sister Catherine, who I understand is not well. Our sympathy goes out to all his family, especially his wife Norma. Jim Ball was a neighbor of mine for many years. He was involved in many community activities. His son Glen is a Presbyterian minister now settled in Brandon, Manitoba. Their communities, family and friends will greatly miss both these gentlemen. I understand a Memorial drive-by happened on Saturday, by the home of Shannon Tindall. A lovely call came to me Saturday evening when Dorothy Baker connected. She has not been well, having suffered a couple of falls, but sounded very upbeat and positive. By the time you read this she will have moved into Butternut Manor, a move she seems to approve of. Also, this week it is expected that Ross Risebrough will arrive home from Uxbridge hospital. Just a word of caution, several sightings of bears have been seen in the township. On Sunday at least three people saw a cub in their backyards, right in the village of Sandford. They were more interested in him that he was of them, but be aware and take care.

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