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Autumn is upon us as judged by much cooler weather and the changing colours. It seems impossible it is already October and frost is in the air. So far, no damage to plants, and I keep putting off bringing plants in the house, but that can go on only so long. Lots of harvesting equipment on the road, corn is turned into silage, and even some soybeans are being milled. At least this year, farmers won’t be out doing it in a snowstorm as sometimes happens.

There are quite a few celebrations this past week. Grace Risebrough turned 19. She is enjoying her courses at Guelph but is also happy she can be home every weekend to help her dad, and get her mom’s great cooking. She is the next generation farmer, as are several other young girls from around here. Happy birthday to Lisa Lockerby, the younger daughter of Earle and Heidi. Lisa once lived in Sandford but moved with her sons into Uxbridge several years ago.

Happy birthday also to Nancy Thrian Lorraine of Leaskdale. Nancy is well known for her philanthropic trips to the Caribbean, and a number of residents have often accompanied her on her missions. Cyndie Jacobs is another well-known lady whose flute playing is one of her accomplishments.

Happy birthday also to Colin Murphy. Colin was just a young boy when his family bought my farm and moved in with their family of eight. Colin has recently moved to La Conception, Quebec, on the Rouge River. We will miss his stage performances. A big birthday wish goes out to Dawson Ball, who turned the big 20. Dawson also goes to agricultural college but in the east.

Birthday wishes to our own Jean Scott Sopel. Jean is a hard-working young lady who works at Newmarket Court as well as keeping the accounts for Sandford United Church and other jobs. She always manages to fit in. Anniversary best wishes go out to Mike and Kim Kelland, who celebrated 38 years of married bliss.

Congratulations to Mack Moore, who continues to win awards at the various rodeo events around the country with her wonderful horses. She specializes in barrel racing and pole bending, and it is amazing to see them go! Cor and Jenny Van Maurik have been hosting Cor’s younger sister and friends for three weeks. They are from Germany with limited English, so Cor and Jenny got to polish up their language skills after so many years.

Tanis and Bruce Smith spent a very enjoyable nine days out in Alberta where, when we had wet and miserable cold weather, it was very nice sunny and warm. Tanis has relatives there, and they did extensive travelling to see them all as well as a bit of sightseeing.

Michelle and Yvonne Harrison have been having an extended holiday in Mexico, leaving Garry to fend for himself. It sounds like they were having a wonderful time, as usual!

On Tuesday night, the North Durham Nature group met at the library in Port Perry with a special speaker on Photography. They will meet again this month on October 25th. Thursday evening, the Bethesda-Reach Women’s Institute hosted a Fall Fashion Show at the Seniors Centre. There was a full house. Showing their fashions was once again Brocks of Port Perry with many of the same models as past years. There were also many delicious desserts to start off the evening and a number of draw prizes for fortunate attendees.

On Friday Night, the final concert of the Foster series was held with Mike Burns, Andrew Heathcote, who had starred the week before, and Jonathon Ison. They were given a standing ovation at the end, so you know their music was well appreciated. The second song they sang was a sing-a-long one, and the chorus was exceptionally apropos, entitled ‘All My Life’s a Circle.’ I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I feel just now.

All my life’s a circle, Sunrise and sundown.

The moon rolls through the night time, ‘Til daybreak comes along.

All my life’s a circle, But I can’t tell you why.

The seasons spinning round again, the years keep rolling by.

On Sunday, a large group of performers presented a Jazz and Blues concert to another pleased audience. Most of these performers have been on-site at least once before during the season but now joined forces in a great concert to end the season. In the end, there was a silent auction. Many of the winners were on hand to pay for their purchases.

Jody Jacobson of Zephyr has announced she will be organizing a book sale, following in the footsteps of June Archibald, to raise money for the Zephyr library. If you have books you wish to donate, please leave them at 296 Zephyr Road. The date of sale will be announced later.

This Sunday was World Communion Sunday, and Rev. Paul Reed, our supervising minister, was our worship leader, with Ruth Baker, our musician. Next Sunday is Thanksgiving, and Carol O’Neil will be back with us once more. There will be a special offering taken for Loaves and Fishes (Uxbridge) and Mount Albert Foodbank (Zephyr). This will be carried over into Sunday, October 16th. This special Sunday is Sandford’s anniversary service with Doug Ferris leading and music by our own Melinda Delorme. Service is 10 a.m. Some members of the congregation will be presented with certificates.

The following Sunday, October 23rd, is Zephyr’s anniversary. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., there is a time of food and fellowship with service at 1 p.m. Rev. Warren Ball will be the worship leader with Ruth doing special music.

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