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Zephyr & Sandford

By Pat Asling

My apologies, as this is last week's news, but still mostly relevant. This week will come next week. A little bit of everything again this week, more rain, although we really didn't need it, lots of sun at other times and wind. It seems to me that we have had more wind in the last few years than we used to have. It sure got wild one night last week at about 7 p.m., dark as 9:30 p.m., and the rain just came down in torrents while the wind was a fury, much too reminiscent of May 21, 2022, when the tornado went through. I am sure many others thought the same, especially those who were in the path and lost parts of their buildings. They did get a tornado in the Ottawa area, but I don't know if it was an extension of the same storm we had, but it sure did a lot of damage. Anyway, scary as it was here, little damage was done, and even the flowers survived fairly well. Most are so tall and robust, but I was amazed more didn't need to be tied up the next day, just when my daylilies and other tall lilies were hitting their peak bloom. The birds were still coming to the feeder during the storm, which surprised me. Interesting that I have quite a few baby birds at the feeder, which I don't recall happening before. So nice to see them.

I was sad this week when I happened to look at the Low and Low website and saw about the passing of Ross Adams. Ross was 95 and lived at Douglas Crossing, and it is many years since I saw him, but he was a very familiar figure in town for many years. I don't know if he worked anywhere else, but he was a fixture at Williamsons, especially when they had the gas pumps and garage at the foot of Brock Street, lo so many years ago. My condolences to his children and family members. He had four children, ten grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

Happy anniversary to Mike and Heather Moore, nee Ferguson. Mike, Heather, and their sons live on a farm off Davis Drive, just east of the 4th, very close to where Mike was born and raised. Heather was born closer to the Sunderland area, I think. Heather is quite involved with Scott Central events and the Hall activities.

Speaking of Scott Central, I have been told all the activity on the east side of the school is due to the construction of a Day Care Centre, finally, after a number of years. We will see how that progresses.

Happy birthday goes out first to Tish MacDonald. Although Tish has retired from teaching officially, she still takes groups to tour the cemeteries in France and Belgium, from which they returned not long ago. Husband Mike went along as a piper for any ceremonies. While they were away, their first grandchild was born, and now that they are home, they are making up for lost time by spending quality time with the baby. Happy birthday also goes out to Rev. Mary McHarg, whose husband was once a minister at Sandford, and she later also became a minister, although her health prevents her from doing much now.

Happy birthday also to Bill Barton! Bill was raised on the farm just across the road from me. His parents were some of the first people I met when I moved over here. In fact, his mother, Mary, held a shower for me, although she didn't know me that well at that time. Bill worked for many years at St. Johns, which is probably where I got to know him best. Dare I mention that Mary Barton was also a relative of mine but a distance down the line. Happy birthday, wishes went out too to my sister Faye Ashton who celebrated her birthday on Saturday and to her husband Keith, whose birthday was Monday. They still live on the family farm, both family farms for that matter, and are still vital parts of the farm, the church and the community.

Happy birthday also to Donnalee Thompson. Donnalee's family lived on the 6th, and she used to babysit my son, many years ago. She is a retired nurse, and they now live in Alberta, after moving from BC. I believe she was here for the Uxbridge High School 150 reunion, but unfortunately, I didn't get to see her. Stephen Hackner is another of those kids who I find hard to believe is middle-aged with kids and grandkids, who I recall as little kids themselves. Happy birthday Steve! Donna Kerry Ireland and husband Jeff lived on the 2nd of Uxbridge, the west side of Zephyr, but I understand they have sold and moved to Little Britain. However, there was a birthday party for Donna just a few days ago. Donna is another of my far-flung relatives.

Best wishes go out to Casey Spencer and Matt Walker on their engagement. Casey is the daughter of Diane Spencer, granddaughter of Carol (Harry) Johnson and was our pianist at Sandford United Church for quite some time. She is a busy girl, being involved in a number of musical endeavours.

Church was a Zephyr this past Sunday, with Pastor Laura Kay leading the service. She also played for the hymns, while Alayna and Emma Mattewson filled in for their grandmother Ruth by playing their violins. Next week there will be a service about the various hymns many parishioners have chosen to be enlightened about.

Saturday was the Scottish Festival. I only went in the afternoon and sat at the bandshell all afternoon, enjoying the wonderful pipe bands and other entertainment, but there were hundreds of people there enjoying the dancers, the dogs and the other typical Scottish events, a fabulous affair.

On Sunday, my friend Gloria Gorman and I went to Leaskdale and had tea at the Heritage church before enjoying the wonderful production of "Anne of green Gables". There are four more productions this weekend, and one tea left in this series, so don't miss it. They are wonderful actors, all of them.

The Foster this week features Laurelle Augustyn with vocal and guitar. Donation at the door, 7:30 p.m. This week was Jane Loewen, followed next week by Christ Saunders.

There will be no church for the Sandford Zephyr congregation during the month of August.

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