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ZEPHYR and SANDFORD by Pat Asling

When you read this, it will already be July! How is that possible? Six months of a “never-to-be forgotten” year slid by. I guess to some people it was far too long but for those who spent their time catching up on the “to-do” list, it’s amazing how fast those six months have gone by, even without going out to meetings several times a week! We had our summer, our spring for a couple of days and now back to summer. We could certainly do with a good soaker rain, which the forecast has been promising most of the week. The gardens are just leaping up but need to be watered to keep the momentum. The farmers are cutting hay, but I am sure they are all looking for a good rainfall as well to keep things from burning up. I saw some fireflies last night, the first I have observed for several years. Much less noisy than firecrackers too! And for gardeners, did you know that a swarm of ladybugs is called a Loveliness? Not so lovely if they are the Asian ladies as they can bite badly! Not our native ladies, though. Durham Region entered Phase 2 this week. I am not rushing to spend time in stores or patios. With what is happening south of us, it should be a stark reminder that things can change rapidly and a few crazy people can set off a whole new wave. Please continue to follow all the Public Health regulations wherever you are. So many of us are seniors or people with compromised medical conditions, we can’t take a chance. Lots of celebrations of one sort or another! First off, we have all those young people who graduated from one level of education to another. What next year will be like is anybody’s guess at this point, whether its kindergarten or university! Whether they will have in-house classes, at home lessons, internet or a combination remains in the air. For university students some won’t be able to get into dorms as they had planned, which means either distance learning or finding a boarding place. Birthday people included George Moore way out in Okotoks, Alta, Garry Harrison, 75 following in his wife’s footsteps and their anniversary, and Bob Kirvan, spry and engaged with life at 85! Younger folks include Daniel Shreeve, 12 and then there are those a mite older including Bev Simmonds Foster, Mark Johnson, Margaret Harwood Eng and Cheryl Hinzel. Anniversary best wishes go out to sorority sister Diane and her husband Peter Signal, 58 years married, and Michelle and Peter Viney, just 17 years wed. Congratulations to Derek Hackner. Derek and two fellow Uxbridge High School students, out of 1200, were chosen for Student Recognition Awards. Derek thinks he won for his efforts at Cross Country in the dead of winter, when his run brought them into the Ontario Finals. He has also been very involved in the Sam Sharpe History Group, facilitated by Tish MacDonald. I am sure his parents Barb and Barry Hackner are very proud of his accomplishments. A sad note from that, in many ways, is that Tish MacDonald is retiring after teaching many years at both Port Perry and Uxbridge Schools. Tish has done a fantastic job both in the role she was hired to fill, but in this activity she has brought so many young people in and engaged them with veterans in a very significant way. She says she will continue working on these types of activities whether in the classroom or not. Best wishes to Tish. We know that for someone like her retirement is just a change of jobs and focus! Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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