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Zephyr and Sandford

By Pat Asling

The weather may have dampened a few activities even though so much is happening all around us. What was forecast as a "dry July" has so far been anything but dry. Of course, we are never satisfied, and after almost a week of non-stop rain, most people are calling for a halt, although we have very little to say about it. The plants are going crazy with growth, but too much water can also cause root rot, so I am forever emptying the saucers for my plants on the deck. The grass is getting too high, both in the lawn and in the garden, and because my soil is clay, I can't get in the garden to weed (good excuse)! The hay crop is great, but there is trouble getting the bales dried.

I picked my first zucchini, and all my lilies are bursting with buds. All the fruit trees are loaded, including the berries that the birds love to eat, although they are eating more birdseed now than in the winter, it seems. The baby birds already know where the easy pickings are. Some people have reported that only two baby swans have survived, a sad situation if true. I have been checking what I call Flummerfelt's pond east of Sandford, and there are two swans who frequent that mill pond quite often, but whether they are a mated pair or siblings, it's impossible to tell.

Happy anniversary to Derek and Sylvia (Risebrough) Kokkinen as they celebrate their 30 years of marriage. Seems impossible; so long has passed. Sylvia was just a wee girl of Ross and Janice's when I first met her. I never knew Derek as a child, but I did know his mom and her siblings. Sylvia's cousin Melissa is also celebrating an anniversary with her husband, Scott Briggs. Melissa is the daughter of Judy (Warren) and David Risebrough, and they have been married for ten years. Happy anniversary wishes to go out also to Melinda Delorme and Darrell Sultana, although they didn't give away the number. Still, it must be within the same range since they were married when they moved to Sandford, and Melinda brought her musical talent to the church and so many other places. Topping them all is the 60th anniversary of Doris and Ron Steward. That's quite a landmark in today's world. I attended their wedding because I knew Doris. She was the receptionist at the dental office of Dr. Carl Puterbough when I opened my practice there, also 60 years ago.

Birthday Wishes to Lorene Ashton. Lorene is the wife of Dale Ashton, who was born and raised in Uxbridge, but they now live in Keswick. Birthday wishes also go out to Councillor Willie Popp. Willie makes the news just as often with his long-distance bicycle riding, which is good for longevity. There are two winners to the long-timers club this week. The first is Shirley McIntyre. Shirley was a nurse, and her husband, John, was a surgeon, and they resided in Uxbridge for many years. Their children were raised in town. Shirley is 96 and lives alone in her home on Salt Spring Island, raising chickens and gardens still. The second birthday personage is Don Hewlett, also 96. Don and his wife Shirley farmed in Zephyr for many years before retiring to a home on the river near Bolsover, where they enjoy all the wildlife, birds and animals. Don has some difficulty getting around now, so they can't travel as they used to.

Congratulations to Helen Herrema, who is once more a great-grandmother since the birth of a son to her grandson Gerritt and his fiancé. I think that's two now, one for each son. Also enjoying a newborn are Deborah and Dwight Clements, whose daughter Rachel had a baby girl, the second. Last week, Husband Doraid was able to be present at the birth of Layal.

Our sympathies go out to the Lyons family in the death of our chosen daughter Elizabeth Ann Lyons Palmer. Ann was the daughter of Norm and Gwen, the sister of Kevin and Lori.

Church this week at Zephyr was a lovely occasion, with the group Reflections bringing their great music to us once more. We were pleased to have visitors from the Missionary Church as well as some folk from Trinity, joining us. Pastor Gord Shreeve assisted at the service, and Ruth Baker and Alayna brought lively music before the service. Next week Pastor Laura Kay will be with us once more.

Foster, this week presents David Donar and his guitar. David has been with us a number of times. Doors open at 7 p.m. with a concert at 7:30 p.m. If you drive by during the week and see equipment inside the drive, that sidewalk is being repaired to mitigate the damage that laying water can do. This is the kind of work that your donation at the concerts provide for and is needed to maintain both the building and the grounds. Performances of "Anne of Green Gables" continue but now at the Heritage Church in Leaskdale. Check their FB post and website for times. On Sunday, the 23rd and 30th, there will be tea served before the play.

This Saturday is also the Scottish Festival, the first in several years. It is an all-day affair, with the opening at 8 a.m. and the closing ceremony at 6 p.m. Let's hope the rains have let up by then!

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