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Why is your back pain back?

It seems today many people I talk to are afflicted with back pain. It ranges in severity depending on the individual. What I am referring to is the everyday aches and pains.

In my experience, here are the top reasons why people may have back pain.

  1. Stress: Clients tend to experience severe back pain during bouts of emotional stress.

  2. Lack of core strength: I can attribute many cases to a lack of core strength. Think of your core as a girdle. This sheath of muscle acts as a protective mechanism while bending and lifting.

  3. Poor Posture: When that girdle is weak, it causes various postural problems. A typical example is rounded shoulders with a forward head posture.

  4. Poor Bending: Squats and lunges are noted as the top exercises to strengthen your core. The inability to bend down indicates a muscular imbalance. With an improved ability to squat, many of my clients noted less back pain.

  5. Poor nutrition: If you are allergic to certain foods, this can cause an inflammatory response in your organs. When a particular organ isn’t functioning properly, it refers pain to the muscles in your low back. A typical example is when a person has a heart attack, it refers pain down their left arm.

  6. Too much sitting: Sitting places the greatest load on the spine. These are just examples from people I’ve worked with. When these factors are addressed, they usually experience less back pain. An appropriate exercise program along with improved eating habits has helped my clients. More severe back problems need the appropriate diagnosis. The everyday aches and pains are often manageable for the average person. Making small improvements can go a long way to managing your back pain.

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