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What are you doing for Earth Day?


for The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: This year, Earth Day is on April 22nd; where will you be?

Celebrate Earth Day with a compost giveaway at the Boat Launch Parking Lot #8, on Old Rail Line in Port Perry.

The compost giveaway will occur at the end of the month on April 30th, 2022, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at noon. Durham Region will be onsite, selling new green bins, blue bins and backyard composters. If you have any broken blue bins, or green bins, you can exchange them for a fee. The Region of Durham will accept Debit or e-transfer for items bought during this event.

If you miss out on the compost giveaway, the director of public works and infrastructure services for the Township of Scugog, Carol Coleman, said the Township office sells blue and green bins all year around.

There is no capacity limit for this event, and Township staff will be located onsite to help with traffic and ask participants to follow their directions.

“In appreciation of a continued community-wide commitment to the Regional organics collection programs, residents are provided with free compost made using organics collected through curbside Green Bin and Leaf and Yard Waste programs,” wrote the Region of Durham on their website, discussing the giveaway. “Quantities are first-come, first-served and limited to four blue boxes of compost per vehicle.”

The Township asks for people to bring a non-perishable food item with them as a donation item for Operation Scugog.

Other events for “Earth Day” include a “Provincial Day of Action on Litter”, on May 10th.

Each year in Ontario, Provincial Day of Action on Litter is celebrated every May, on the second Tuesday of the month.

“We are taking action to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills or becoming litter by bringing awareness to the impacts of waste on our environment and encouraging people to take action at home and in their community to help keep our environment clean and healthy for generations to come,” wrote the Township.

The Township of Scugog invites participants to join them for a “20-minute makeover” to clean up the area around them, whether it is your backyard or your neighbourhood park.

The Township of Scugog encourages residents to make every day Earth Day.

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