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Welcome to 2020

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends. I’m still in holiday mode. Between you and me, I’m eager to get back to my regular schedule. It’s been nice giving my body and mind a rest. I’m raring to get back in to the swing of things! Here’s how I will do it: 1) Get moving more 2) Regular Eating Habits 3) Proper Sleep Get Moving More I dreaded my first work out coming back from five days off. My body is made to move and I miss it if I stay away too long. While it is reasonable to give your body a rest, deciding how long to rest it is up to you. For me, five days is pretty reasonable considering how active my regular schedule is. After that point I get sluggish, lazy and tired from not moving my body. That in combination with the excess food is enough to make me feel awful. Regular Eating Habits I am “fooded” out! While I love delicious treats from time to time, having so much of them in a short period of time throws me right off. I did my very best to limit the amount of sugar I consumed. I realized that I just can’t do sugar anymore as I get older! I need to get back to the routine that suits my body. Proper Sleep The change in routine during the holiday season certainly throws off my sleeping habits. Let’s face it; we all need to get the proper rest in order to face the day. ­ As exhausting and thrilling as our holidays may be, it’s nice to get back to normal. I wish you a year full of health and happiness… and the occasional treat from time to time!

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