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We Are Grateful

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The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry Special to The Standard

SCUGOG: In this time of COVID-19, the Auxiliary of the Port Perry Hospital is having to take a reluctant break from volunteering in the hospital. But we are not taking a break from thinking about how to help the staff of our hospital and our community. We are very grateful to nurses, doctors, technicians and maintenance people who are working tirelessly to keep us safe, often risking their own health in the process. And we are not forgetting those working in senior care, our grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations and takeout restaurants who are helping with everyday living. To our first responders, police officers and firefighters, we notice you. Thank you to you all. You are our heroes, and we applaud every one of you. We want you, and our whole area, to know how much we value you so we created a sign to tell you every time you see it. It is outside the hospital and it says “To all our medical and service people, THANK YOU”. When the Auxiliary decided upon this small token of our appreciation, we received quick and enthusiastic support from Glenn and Kelly Evans at the Port Perry Sign Shop. They quickly obtained the van on which we could put the sign and the cheerful artwork for the sign was created. Thank you for their help. If you happen to be out, take a drive past the hospital and share in our thanks.


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