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Visit the Toronto Zoo through photography


SCUGOG: Oshawa photographer, Donna Brittain is hosting her work at the Kent Farndale Gallery located in the Scugog Memorial Public Library, in Port Perry.

Although Ms. Brittain is from Oshawa, she often visits the Scugog Memorial Library. She enjoys spending time at the Kent Farndale Gallery. After Ms. Brittain retired nearly a decade ago, she has taken more photos with her camera and cellphone.She has a Toronto Zoo membership because she visits so often. She said she did not have many issues photographing the animals because she has become aware of their behaviour.

"When you [visit the zoo] quite often [like I do], you start to get into a rhythm with how the animals behave," she explained.She sometimes waits for the animals to look her way so she can snap a photograph. Sometimes, she will wait for another person to come close to the enclosure with their crying child.

According to Ms. Brittain, the animals usually look at the people surrounding their enclosure if there is a crying baby because they are curious and want to know why the child is crying.

One of Ms. Brittain's favourite animals to photograph at the zoo is a 56-year-old Sumatran Orangutan named Puppe. Puppe is very intelligent and interesting to watch.

The theme of her work is called "Animals of the World via the Toronto Zoo." She wanted to bring it to people's attention that some of the animals at the zoo and around the world are "in trouble."

"[The Toronto Zoo] is so important for keeping these species alive and thriving," explained Ms. Brittain.

Ms. Brittain's show is dedicated to her late daughter and Ms. Brittain's family and friends. Her daughter passed from cancer at the age of 34. She worked as a veterinarian technician.

Ms. Brittain's photography will be on display until February 15th. Please visit the Kent Farndale Gallery during the library's respective visiting hours to view her work.

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