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Visit the Lucy Maud Montgomery Trail

Visit the Lucy Maud Montgomery Trail

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: There are many trails around Uxbridge for people to walk on. But not all of them have a historical factor.

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Trail is a safe, self-guided and an historic tour which features places holding significance to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was an author, born in Canada, Clifton (now New London), Prince Edward Island, on November 30th, 1870. She is the author of the Anne of Green Gables series.

While writing Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in Leaskdale, through the first World War, from 1911 to 1926. She also raised a family through the flu pandemic of 1918 there.

The new ‘trail’ features 15 stops, in and around Uxbridge, Zephyr and Leaksdale. Accompanying the trail is a podcast using excerpts from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s journal entries. The people mentioned in the excerpts are voiced by local actors Conrad Boyce and Jennifer Carrol.

The podcast also references the historical significance of each stop, while providing the traveller with directions to the next stop. According to a press release from the Township of Uxbridge, the stops featured on this trail host “Maud-themed” activities and attractions.

For example, the Leaksdale Manse was home to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s residence during her time in Leaksdale. At this stop, a tea and tour package are available. Kids can also enjoy traditional homemade ice cream and Cavendish Cat-themed crafts.

At the Uxbridge Historical Centre, participants can visit three buildings, each relevant to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life. You can also see the Signature Red Cross quilt, which has Lucy Maud Montgomery’s married name stitched into it.

According to the release, some local businesses have also joined in.

The Bridge Social is offering Anne’s favourite Organic Cold Brew Raspberry Cordial.

At Blue Heron Books, kids can write a letter to their ‘kindred spirit’ on custom Anne stationary. They can also play a game of hopscotch and take a picture in an Anne-themed photo booth.

Concession 6 Studio and Greenmantle Pottery are showcasing memorabilia and relevant art pieces.

Participants can have a specially crafted raspberry cider on-route at Banjo Cider.

There are also Anne-themed activity books available at the Uxbridge Public Library and Welcome Centre for the kids.

Visit the Township of Uxbridge website to learn more about the Lucy Maud Montgomery Trail. You can also contact Lisa John-Mackenzie from the Township of Uxbridge, at 905-852-0400 or by email at or you can contact the president of the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario, Melanie Whitfield. You can reach her at 705-228-8155 or by email at

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