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Uxbridge wins Energy Efficiency Achievement Award with Realice Technology


UXBRIDGE: The Township of Uxbridge has won the Energy Efficiency Achievement Award from Enbridge Gas for their new ice resurfacing project using REALice technology.

The director of community services, Amanda Ferraro, from the Township of Uxbridge, explained REALice works differently. Normally, a Zamboni, the machine used to clean and resurface the ice at a skating rink, uses hot water.

REALice machines use cold water to remove the air bubbles from the ice; therefore, not much of the ice will melt during the cleaning process.

“It does take a bit of extra time,” said Ms. Ferraro.

Using REALice technology also means the ice does not have to be as thick. This is because the ice is not being melted every hour or so and the temperature within the arena is adjusted slightly so the ice does not melt.

Since the Township has started using REALice, staff have noticed the ice is clearer and harder than before. People who frequently use the ice rinks have commented the ice has become better for skating.

Ms. Ferraro thinks Uxbridge was one of the first Townships within the Durham Region to start using REALice. Arena staff have welcomed visitors from across Ontario who have come to check out the technology.

The Township of Brock and the Town of Whitby will also implement REALice into their local arenas eventually.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint,” explained Ms. Ferraro. “And this award is validating some of the things [the Township of Uxbridge] is trying to do.”

According to the announcement, “REALice is projected to provide approximately $34,000 in cost savings annually and an estimated reduction of 57 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions.”

To learn more about REALice technology, please visit

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