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Uxbridge township member becomes new Chair of Durham College Board of Governors

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: One of Uxbridge’s own, Kristi Honey, has become the new Chair of Durham College’s (DC) Board of Governors. Congratulations, Kristi!

According to Ms. Honey, DC fills the vacant seats on their board based on a skills matrix. And, last year, in 2020, Ms. Honey was nominated by her fellow governors.

The Chair for the DC Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring the board fulfills its processes through leadership, openness, and transparency to the DC community. It also has the responsibility of making sure the board allows the participation of all its members.

More specifically, Ms. Honey’s duties and responsibilities include managing board meetings and the agenda for said meetings. She also facilitates discussion throughout meetings and ensures the college has good governance and follows by-laws.

In the past, Ms. Honey has done volunteer work with DC, and currently works for Uxbridge Township.

“My volunteer work with Durham College is very complimentary to my role at the township,” explained Ms. Honey. “Both organizations are public sector entities committed to making a difference in our community.”

Her responsibilities include making sure the Board of Governors is accountable to the students, employees, and community the college serves.

According to her, DC has an economic impact of over $900 million on the Region. This means nearly five percent of the Region’s gross regional production, and supporting over 9,000 jobs throughout Durham.

Since Ms. Honey is connected to both the Township of Uxbridge and DC, she said it allows better collaboration with the college and the township.

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