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Uxbridge recovers missing street signs


UXBRIDGE: Recent efforts by the township, to recover dozens of missing street signs, have proven successful, as detailed by members of Council.

At a recent council meeting, it was noted, nearly half of the street signs, stolen over the summer months, have been located and returned to the municipality.

After a rash of thefts which saw dozens of street signs stolen throughout Uxbridge, the township announced, in August, they would be offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to criminal charges.

In total, more than 50 street signs have been recovered, according to updates from, Ward 4 Councillor, Willie Popp and, Regional Councillor, Bruce Garrod.

Councillor Garrod commented, “some more (street signs) have shown up at a couple of locations, including the public works yard.”

According to Councillor Garrod, the bundle of signs returned to the public works yard also included a note. “It was clearly written by a parent, who said: 'This won’t continue to happen, I know who did it,'” stated the Councillor. “It’s been addressed, and I'm glad to get those signs back, and hopefully that’s the end of the problem.”

Councillor Popp noted, he had recently been contacted by local residents, and added, “some of the street signs [which] were missing throughout the township, were found.” He went on to say, the missing signs were found along the Timber’s Tract trail, at Durham Regional Forest, and have since been collected.

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