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Uxbridge considering e-scooter program


UXBRIDGE: Councillors recently discussed the possibility of the community participating in a provincial pilot program that would introduce e-scooters to Uxbridge’s streets. They discussed the measure at the council meeting on the morning of Monday, December 2nd. The program the Doug Ford-led Conservative government recently announced which contains new regulations governing the use of e-scooters, while allowing local municipalities to decide if they wish to allow them on local roads. “The province has said these would be very positive for in-town trips, so I’d like to hear what the Active Transportation Committee thinks about it,” Barton said. “We need to think about where these can be safe, when they can be on sidewalks from a safety perspective, and where they shouldn’t be.” Ultimately, the mayor moved that the notice be sent to the Active Transportation Committee (ATC) for further comment. The measure to involve the ATC, and the Trails Committee had support around the council bench. “Down the road these could be a means of getting around town, so I think we need to look at this very carefully,” added Ward 4 Councillor Willie Popp. “E-scooters weren’t really on the trails’ radar but one concern I have is that because they are motorized they have the ability to do a bit more damage on pathways because they can continue to ride in inclement, muddy weather. So, we definitely need to look closely before we wade in.”

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