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Upgrades Coming to the Uxbridge Public Library in December


UXBRIDGE: The Uxbridge Public Library will be undergoing some changes in the ‘adult department’ of the Library, explained Amanda Ferraro. Ms. Ferraro is the director of community services and the CEO of the Uxbridge Public Library.

“The shelves do need to be replaced,” said Ms. Ferraro. “Some of them are missing the back... and they are kind of at their ‘end of life.’”

While the shelves are being replaced, the flooring will also be replaced.

“A lot of thought went into making the shelving more accessible,” said Ms. Ferraro.

There will also be more space in the adult department, making it easier for people who use mobility aids to access the books they want to read.

The renovations will start in early December. On December 3rd, the Library will be fully closed.Then, the lower level will be open from December 10th until the 23rd.

Between those dates, some books from the adult department will be available downstairs, but you must ask the Library staff for them.

The Library will be closed again, starting on December 24th, Christmas Eve, until January 3rd, 2024. According to Ms. Ferraro, the Library will be re-opened the next day, on January 4th.

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