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Township of Uxbridge Statement on Regional Data Breach

COLLEEN BASKIN, Township of Uxbridge

UXBRIDGE: The Township of Uxbridge is aware that many residents are receiving notices from the Region of Durham about a cybersecurity breach that may have compromised confidential data.

The Corporation of the Township of Uxbridge takes the protection of private information very seriously and we have extensive data protection protocols in place.

Property information about roll number, property address, mailing address, owner names, legal address, tax classification, assessment values, religion, school board, and school support is publicly available through the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

The Township of Uxbridge does not send or share tax information or financial payment details with the Region of Durham. The Tax Department does not collect or store birth date information.

The Township of Uxbridge does not keep or store health information including medical or health card data.

We encourage any resident who has received a letter from the Region to call the information line at 1-833-526-0566 and visit for more information.

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