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TLDSB opens their next term at the inaugural meeting

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: At the inaugural Trillium Lakelands District School Board meeting, on Tuesday, November 22nd, new and returning trustees were sworn into office.

The trustees stated their oath of allegiance, as a group, at the opening of the meeting, with Education Director Wes Hahn leading the ceremony. Then each member signed their declaration of office.

Trustees then voted to allow Bruce Reain to be the Chair of the Board, once again. Louise Clodd will be the Vice Chair and one of the Kawartha Lakes trustees, Colleen Wilcox, was named ‘Chairs Council Trustee Alternate.’

“[It’s] been a couple of tough years, when I was chair [last time]. But I’m really pleased with the group here and everyone in this room [who] was here in the last two years. The job we did, the strategic plan [which] was developed, and how we’re focusing on that, [as well as] how our kids are improving,” Chair Reain stated. “I look forward to working with and meeting all of you, and will look forward to lots of input from each of you. Let’s have a successful year.”

The new chair also provided a bit of education on some of the powers of these three roles.

“A week before any board meeting of Committee of the Whole meeting, The Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair (or Council Trustee Alternate), along with Wes [Hahn] and [Superintendent Jennifer Johnston] [will] meet to come up with the agenda for the following meeting. And there’s other decisions [which] may be made. [The] Chair’s council will put together a list of participants in each of the committees. So, we do have some other decision [making] powers other than setting the agenda,” the Chair explained.

The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th. For more information, visit

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