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Thinking of Diversifying<br>your Farm?

This FREE webinar series targets existing farmers looking to diversify and so expand your agri-business, by adding a new or value-added enterprise to their operation. This free, two-part Zoom webinar series will help you assess your fit and identify areas for consideration before taking on a new opportunity in your business. Through the two sessions, participants will learn about: •How to approach the subject of diversification, by looking at the numbers through enterprise analysis, marketing, pricing, business structures for a multi-enterprise business, potential impacts to the existing operation and resources available to assist. •Reviewing land use considerations when considering the addition of Agriculture Related Uses and On-Farm Diversified Uses. •Real-world examples from successful diversified farm businesses Part One will be hosted on March 25th, and Part Two will be hosted on April 1st. Each webinar takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The series is free zoom Webinars, with one simple registration for both sessions. Don’t miss this chance. Register now by going to:

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