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The sunshine list expands in local communities

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

NORTH DURHAM/KAWARTHA: The annual public sector salary disclosure list, also known as the ‘Sunshine list’ has grown in Scugog, Uxbridge and Kawartha Lakes.

The list, organized by the Ontario government, names public sector employees in Ontario who earned over $100,000 in a year. This year, the 2022 list was released on Friday, March 24th.

In Scugog, the highest-paid member of the list was Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (MSIFN) Chief Kelly LaRocca, who earned $210,056. Scugog Township CAO Ken Nix was second, taking home $174,423. MSIFN Councillor Laura Colwell earned $156,191. MSIFN First Nation manager Colleen Kennedy earned $144,197. MSIFN Councillor Jeff Forbes took home $139,215. Scugog Memorial Library CEO was the second Township of Scugog employee on the list, making $135,813. Scugog Directors Laura Barta, Carol Coleman and Kevin Heritage earned $135,474. Scugog Fire Chief Mark Berney took home $134,158. MSIFN Human Resources Manager Katherine Rowe earned $131,542. Scugog Fire Department Training Officer Clint Walker made $126,910. The other fire department staff on the list included Todd Soomre ($124,773), Joseph Goris ($113,492) and Kristy-Lynn Pankhurst ($111,648). Other Scugog Township staff on the list included Clerk Becky Jamieson ($123,974), Manager of Public Works and Parks Robert Frasca ($113,803), Community Services Director Lori Bowers ($112,602) and Human Resources Manager Robyn Hulowski ($104,048). In total, 27 Scugog officials made it onto the list.

In Uxbridge, the highest-paid public servant was Uxbridge Township CAO Kristi Honey at $175,051. Community Services Director Amanda Ferraro was second at $137,652. Directors Ben Kester, Debbie Leroux and Kyle Rainbow all earned $137,652. Fire Chief Michael Macdonald brought home $130,543. Treasurer Donna Condon earned $125,929. Oak Valley Health Clinical Manager Christine Mcgilvray made $120,798. Deputy Uxbridge Township Treasurer Tobi-Anne Lee earned $111,472. Oak Valley Health technologist Amy Howran brought home $108,777.

Last on the Uxbridge side of the list was Uxbridge Township road operations manager Bill Rynard at $104,166.

Kawartha Lakes also had a number of familiar names on the list. Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit’s medical officer of Health, Dr. Natalie Bocking, earned $309,521. Kawartha Lakes CAO Ron Taylor took home $205,081. Police Chief Mark Mitchell earned $198,998. Kawartha Lakes City Solicitor Robyn Carlson made $184,294. Fire Chief Terry Jones earned $169,957.

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