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The Gathering Place is open at the Uxbridge Senior Citizens’ Club

UXBRIDGE: The Gathering Place at the Uxbridge Senior Citizens’ Club (USCC) has been open since May 1st.

“Social interaction is key to mental health,” said Uxbridge town councillor Bruce Garrod. “Creating a casual place to meet and give aging adults a place to interact with friends and meet other people [is what the gathering room is about].”

“I’ve been involved in every step of the development of the Uxbridge Seniors Centre,” explained Uxbridge town councillor, Bruce Garrod.

The Gathering Place is its own room within the USCC, and has been redecorated, including the addition of fully accessible washrooms and brand new, age-appropriate furniture. There is an area for quilting, a large TV, a computer, and a kitchenette including a fridge. Coffee and tea are also available.

Although the Gathering Place has been designed with older Uxbridge residents in mind, nobody will be turned away if they come to check it out.

For younger visitors, there is a Youth Centre located across the hall from the Gathering Place, where students usually visit after school hours.

Anyone curious can drop into the USCC, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Not including holidays.

“I’m excited for what has been created, and my vision of the Seniors’ Centre being the logical destination for ‘all things seniors related’ has been fulfilled,” stated Councillor Garrod.

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the province of Ontario, there are no COVID-19 restrictions set in place while visiting the Gathering Place. People are welcome to visit, as long as they are comfortable.

For more information about the Gathering Place or other activities available at the Uxbridge Senior Citizens’ Club, please visit

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