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The Artist Within

By Lauren Walker

As an artist, you'll be told "no" many times. I'm so unafraid of rejection that I have nothing to lose by going after what I want. I was thinking about this because I was not selected for the Poet Laureate position in Scugog, nor was I accepted into the Oshawa Artist Association (OAA) Juried show earlier this year.

There are two ways to respond in these situations: get upset or try again. I've learned you don't need to be validated by any group or individual to be good at your work. You can also create your own opportunities to succeed.

I've been rejected many times. With persistence, I have achieved my professional goals. I've developed a thick skin over the years, so I've accepted I'll be told "no." I choose to go for it anyway.

Opportunities are out there if you are determined to look. I found the "Art Artists Artwork" website and have written several pieces. I am also looking into publishing my own series of poetry.

A creative solution to a problem often takes a creative perspective. Instead of being angry or upset about not being accepted or selected, you can change your train of thought. The only path to follow is the one you create for yourself.

Speaking of trying again, the same piece, which didn't make it into the OAA juried earlier this year, has made it into the Scugog Arts Annual Juried Show.

I'm proud to announce my piece "A Moment of Innocence" was accepted. I invite you to the opening reception, on Saturday, August, from 1 to 3 p.m., at The Scugog Arts ---------. You can cast your vote for the "People's choice" award, so I hope to see you there!

Happy Painting!

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