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The Art of Business

I’ve worked with my mom for twenty years and the lessons I’ve learned in business serve my art career.

Here are my top 5:

1. Never underestimate your worth. Artists have a nasty habit of underestimating their skills. I was taught young that the knowledge and skill you possess is valuable. Price your work according to your skill level and time spent.

2. Ignore the Negativity. You’ll have your share of nay-sayers. It’s important to ignore the negativity and pursue your dream. When you spend time pursuing what you love, you stop caring what other people think.

3. Learn to say No. Not every opportunity is worth your time. It’s important to set boundaries with people. It’s hard to let people down but you also don’t want to be a doormat.

4. Learn Your Customers Name. It’s important to learn who your customers are. The best lesson I learned in business is to know who your customers are. Making connections with people helps to nurture long term business relationships.

5. You can’t please them all. Art is so subjective and varies from person to person. Don’t expect to please everyone! Art is very personal and I tend to do what makes me happy. Feed your own soul and success will follow.

Port Perry Artist Association Spring Show

It is once again time for the Port Perry Artist Association Spring show. Join us at the Port Perry Scout Hall on Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th from 10am-4:00pm. We will be selling original pieces from local artists including myself. The event is free and fully accessible so please come and say hello. Please email: for more info.

Happy painting!

Contact me at: or Instagram: @theartistwithin86 or Facebook:

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