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Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue in need of donations


NORTH DURHAM: The Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, located in Bowmanville, needs help from Durham residents. Spring is one of their busiest times of year because baby animals and hatch-lings are being born.

Every year, the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue accepts many injured, sick and orphaned animals. One of the most critical pieces for these animals’ survival is working incubators. They currently have six incubators located at the Rescue, which are full to capacity with baby bunnies, squirrels and nestling birds.

The staff and volunteers at the Rescue are hoping to raise enough money to buy five or six more incubators for their centre. One incubator costs about $1,700 USD.

Buying more incubators will provide help the animals in need. Incubators help regulate the body temperature of sick and injured animals.

“Without these vital pieces of equipment, we will not be able to accept the overwhelming number of baby animals [which] need help,” wrote Stefanie MacEwan, the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue’s Founding Executive Director, on the GoFundMe page.

During the third lockdown, the Rescue cancelled their Baby Shower Fundraiser. This is the largest fundraiser they run. It helps them pay expenses, like running their wildlife centre and buying imported food for specific wildlife species. It also helps them buy medical equipment and pay vet bills for the animals.

In addition, they’ve also cancelled their group workshops and wellness programs. There are many ways residents living in Durham can support the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Their website,, has a list of household supplies the Rescue is accepting.

They are also encouraging residents to enrol their children into their programming or attend onsite events. It’s important to note, Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue doesn’t receive funding from the Canadian or Ontario government.

Stefanie MacEwan founded the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue in 2016. She is the Founding Executive Director at the Rescue facility and has worked there since it opened. The Rescue is made up of four staff members and over 165 volunteers.

Please remember to, call the Rescue before coming to their facility with an injured or abandoned animal. This is to ensure volunteers are onsite and are properly equipped during the time of your arrival.

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is not permitted to accept raccoons, deer, black bears or cougars. They encourage residents to visit the Ontario Wildlife Rescue website, at ( for more information.

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