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SEAGRAVE by Jean Short

We finally got a little rain on the weekend. We need more to help with the growth in the pastures for the animals, but what we got will help make our lawns a little greener. Thank-you to the volunteers and to those who attended Seagrave park’s first ‘Outdoor Family Games & Movie Night’. We also give thanks to Port Perry Canadian Tire for giving us some great outdoor games. It was so much fun, the Park Committee has decided to host another one on Friday, September 27th. Details and movie title to follow. Please visit our Facebook page called Seagrave Park Committee, to keep up-to-date on all of the happenings at the park. Please message us there, or by email at with any suggestions and ideas, or if you are interested in volunteering. The Committee is happy to see an increase in park usage and hall rentals this summer, and we hope the community is enjoying it. Our events goal is to advocate and fundraise for park improvements along with bringing great events to our local community. The more support we have, the more we can accomplish. See you at the park! Many from the Scugog area attended and worked on the attempt to win back the title in the Guiness World Records at St. Albert, Ontario (near the Quebec border) on August 10th, and 11th . Two hundred and forty three (243) threshing machines operated at the same time, beating the old record of 156 won by Manitoba in 2016. The greeters at church last Sunday were Maple and Maarten Mantel. Paul Button and Stephanie lit the Christ candle. The ‘Youth and Young at Heart’ time was about a young boy who was throwing starfish back into the ocean. A man came along and said, “There are thousands of starfish on the shore. You will never be able to save them all”. The boy replied, “I can make a difference with saving one at a time.” A quartet consisting of Wendy and Wynn Hughes, Bob Shepherd and David Hooker sang a beautiful, resounding rendition of “O God of all Creations”. Minister Stephanie’s message was about a young 16 year old girl from Europe, named Greta who has been, named ‘The Voice of the Planet’ because she is a climate activist. She is sailing from Europe to New York to bring her message. Everyone needs to be made aware of climate change, and climate justice. It is the children that are teaching us to go forward and make changes so there will be a better outcome for future generations. A meaningful communion took place with a narrative between Tara Taylor, asking questions about the meaning of communion, and Stephanie responding to her with her wisdom of answers.Tara Taylor read the ‘Minute for Mission Report’. We are also collecting glasses, can tabs and stamps in support of M & S. You can vote on renaming the basement, from the 25 suggested names listed, either on the website, at the church, or at, or by calling (905) 985-9479. You may cast your vote until September 15th. Happy birthday wishes go out to Bill Short on August 23rd. Happy Anniversary wishes to Wendy and James Hudgins on August 24th, and Ross and Jean Short on August 26th. August 23rd – Fourthth Line Theatre. Showing the play “Carmel”. This is the third in the Barnardo children series of plays. Cost is $39. If you wish to attend contact Betty at (905) 985-8066. There is also a sign up sheet on the bulletin board. September 14th – 8:30 a.m. Seagrave Church Men’s Breakfast. October 19th – 7:30 p.m. “Elvis Live” at the Seagrave Church. Cost is $25. Refreshments are available. For tickets in advance, contact Rick at (905) 985-8383, Keith at (905)985-2489, or Linda at (905)985-8856. If you wish to rent the hall, please call Rick at (905) 985-8383 or email to If you have any items for this news column, please e-mail, or phone Jean at (905)985-9921.

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