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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

My daughter-in-law Marlies, who visiting us with our son Glenn, walked early every morning throughout the village of Seagrave. She was mesmerized by the scenery at the River Street bridge. She saw baby bunnies, turtles, geese, a heron, various birds singing their songs, lily pads, fishermen, painted stones with inspirational sayings, and the tranquil reflection of the trees in the water. We are truly blessed to live in this area. Joan and Earl Durward were pleasantly surprised on Saturday, June 27th, when friends, neighbours, and relatives had a “Drive By” their farm to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their daughter Lorna and husband John Story celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on June 19th, and their son Les and wife Melissa Durward celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 5th. Reverend Richard Parker and Marcia Parker celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary on July 4th. Betty Lou and Don Beacock celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary on July 6th. Congratulations to all. Happy Birthday wishes to Bonnie Branton on July 5th, Maple Wray Maarten on July 10th, Wilf Yorke on July 11th, and Tara Bailey Taylor on the 13th. Sunday, July 5th, was the 5th Sunday after Pentecost. We carry the weight of the burdens of the world’s problems, life’s problems, and our own burdens. Each person is unique and deals with situations differently. We suggest you take your burdens to the Lord in prayer, as He is willing to help, and give you rest. You are not alone. If you wish a personal prayer, grocery or medication pickup, to submit a photo for coffee hour at the end of our virtual Sunday worship service, or just to chat, contact Minister Stephanie at or by phone or text at 905-718-8086. You are invited to watch Minister Stephanie’s virtual Sunday service on our website The outdoor food banks at Seagrave and Greenbank United Churches are open daily. Take what you need, give what you can. Thank you to the volunteers who continue to put out and bring in the food each day, and to those who donate food. If you have news for this column, please contact Jean at or phone 905-985-9921. The things that are impossible with man are possible with God. Luke 18:27.

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