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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

Everyday living has changed, and we are experiencing a new norm. These times are a reminder to focus on the present, not the past, or on an uncertain future. We are learning a new sense of motivation and trust in our neighbours and family. To simply make eye contact and to say hello are the micro-moments in life that bring us happiness and connection. We all have a choice in finding a spot where we are happy. People are shining in these days of adversity. Happy Birthday wishes to Sue McDougall August 17th, Kristen Short August 19th, Catherine Short Wray August 19th, and Bill Short August 23rd. Best wishes to Ken Short, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Happy anniversary wishes to Wendy and James Hudgins August 24th on their 24th anniversary, and Jean and Ross Short August 26th on their 53rd anniversary. We keep in our prayers, all experiencing health issues and difficulties at this time. The Seagrave and Greenbank Churches’ outdoor food banks remain open every day, and we now have fresh veggies for the taking. Take what you need, give what you can. August 16th was the 11th Sunday after Pentecost. The scripture reading was Matthew 15:10-28. entitled “The Faith of the Canaanite Woman”. Reverend Jan Stobie and Minister Stephanie Richmond did a meaningful dialogue depicting the bible story of how the woman persistently asked Jesus to help her ailing daughter. Jesus at first dismissed her pleas, but eventually changed His mind and said, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed from that very moment. Jesus also learned a lesson, as he was part human and part divine. Thank you to everyone who takes part in the virtual services as we continue to worship from our homes. For this coming week’s virtual service, Minister Stephanie is suggesting you send in your photos for coffee hour with yourself and your pet. You can view the virtual services at the website or on YouTube at If you wish a personal prayer, grocery or medication pickup, a visit remotely or virtually, contact Minister Stephanie at or text or call 905-718-8086. If you wish to support the Seagrave Church, cheques can be mailed to Carol Coleman at 151 River St., Seagrave, Ont. L0C 1G0. For further options, contact Carol at 905-243-4628 or email

Wednesday, August 19th, is World Humanitarian Day. This day emphasizes the need for international co-operation on humanitarian issues throughout the world. Greenbank Lions Club is collecting tabs from cans. Contact Don at 905-985-3595 for arrangements. If you have news for this column, contact Jean at 905-985-9921 or May peace, faith and love be your companions throughout this coming week.

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