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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

Last Wednesday morning, the sun’s rays were shining on our small trees, the leaves were wet from a soft rain, and gently swaying in the breeze, making the leaves and branches appear as sparkling diamonds. Stunning! We also have had extraordinary sunsets, along with the vibrant colours of the tree leaves. The asters and chrysanthemums are blooming, and their colours pair well with pumpkins and gourds. October is a harvest month. The month calls for warm sweaters and filling foods. Monday, October 12th is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Let’s give thanks for all that we have. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Last Wednesday afternoon while driving down Queen Street, in Port Perry, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but decorated Christmas trees and snow on the roadside. I then realized it was a setting for a movie production that is taking place. Thank goodness, I thought I had misplaced a season. This past weekend pumpkins were delivered to the households of Seagrave United Church parishioners by 5 faithful volunteers. Attached were markers, and a decorative verse, suggesting that three things be written on the pumpkin each day for which they were truly thankful. When completed, it would make a beautiful fall decoration for their home. A sincere “Thank You” to those who provided the pumpkins, the products, the assembly, and those who delivered. Mission Accomplished! Happy Birthday wishes to Ken Sturman and Heath Hodgins, on October 11th. Best wishes to Jack and Ona Short, who will celebrate their 52nd anniversary, on October the 12th. Sunday, October 4th, was the 4th Creation Time, and the 18th week after Pentecost in the liturgical season. The scripture reading was Philippians 3:4-14. This Sunday was Seagrave United Church’s 114th Anniversary celebration, and also World Communion Sunday. Rev. Richard Parker was the guest speaker. Rev. Richard was the former minister for Seagrave and Greenbank Pastoral Charge, for three enjoyable years, along with his delightful wife Marcia. Rev. Richard and Rev. Stephanie shared in a communion service. Guest soloist was George Timms. Thank you to the guests, all who participated, edited, and sent in their coffee time pictures for this virtual celebratory Sunday. You can view the services on You Tube or the website For next Sunday’s virtual service, it has been suggested that you send in your photos for coffee time with a “Thanksgiving Theme”. If you wish a virtual or remote visit from Rev. Stephanie, a grocery or medication pickup, or to send in your photos, contact Rev. Stephanie at or phone or text 905-718-8086. The Seagrave Church outdoor food bank will remain open every day until Monday, October 12th. There are plans being organized for a food drop-off in the parking lot, on Sunday, November 8th and Sunday, December 13th. Donated food will be distributed to local food banks in need of food products. Details to follow. The Seagrave Congregation meeting on October 13th, and the Official Board Meeting on October 20th, have been CANCELLED. If you have news for this column, contact Jean at 905-985-9921 or

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