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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

The Little Church with the Big Heart in Seagrave, has had its doors shuttered now into the 7th month, due to the pandemic. But, the Church are the people. The people have continued to reach out to others in various ways. Deliveries of carnations for Mother’s Day, gift bags for Father’s Day, prayer shawls, prayer squares, knitted scarves, milk bag mats, gladiolus and pumpkins, weekly e-blasts, phone calls, the website, an outdoor food bank, face masks, turkeys, outside seasonal decorations at the Church, the virtual ordination service and drive-by for Rev. Stephanie. Maintenance continues on the Church building, and those who financially support the Church. There are virtual Sunday services, committee meetings, and a Prayer Circle on Tuesdays. Each week there are those who edit, do the recordings for Sunday services, music, scripture readings, Minutes for Mission readings, photos for coffee time and of course, Rev. Stephanie, and possibly others. The people continue to work together and are given Thanks for their Giving. Best wishes to those celebrating special occasions. Prayers are sent to those who are experiencing difficulties. Sunday, October 11th was the 5th and last Sunday of Creation Time, and the 19th after Pentecost. The scripture reading was Luke 17:11-19. The scripture is about healing and giving thanks. If you wish a virtual or remote visit from Rev. Stephanie, a grocery or medication pickup, or to send in your photo’s for coffee time which continue to keep us connected, contact Rev. Stephanie at or by phone or text at 905-718-8086. You can view the virtual services on website or on You Tube. The outdoor food bank at the Seagrave Church is now closed for the season. Thank you to everyone who faithfully put out, and brought in the food each day, rain or shine, and to those who donated the food and provided the signage. Plans are being made for a food drop-off in the parking lot, on Sunday, November 8th and Sunday, December 13th. Donated food, along with the food items that were remaining from the outdoor food bank, will be distributed to local food banks in need of food products. Details to follow. If you wish to financially support the Seagrave Church, please contact Carol at 905-243-4628 or for options. Cheques made out to the Seagrave United Church, can be mailed to Carol at 151 River Street, Seagrave, ON L0C 1G0. Official income tax receipts will be provided. October 18th is World Food Sunday. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Teamwork divides the task and multiples the success. Be kind. If you have news for this column, contact Jean at 905-985-9921 or

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