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Scugog to purchase new clocks from local resident for Town Hall 1873

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Port Perry’s Town Hall 1873 will be getting a new installation soon: four heritage-style clocks.

At a meeting, on Monday, March 25th, after discussing the minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee’s March 5th meeting, councillors approved a motion to enter into an agreement with Larry Emmerson for the purchase of four large heritage-style clocks, to be installed on the tower at the Old Town Hall 1873.

The motion also called for a Heritage Plaque to be installed, to mark this contribution. The clocks are in memory of Mr. Emmerson’s father, George. Robertson Restoration will be the company in charge of installing the clocks.

Ward 5 Councillor, Terry Coyne praised Mr. Emmerson’s idea for the historic building.

“What he’s proposing for the Town Hall clock is absolutely, very generous, very involved, and very forward thinking.”

He also questioned what the timeline would be for this project moving forward.

“My understanding is it will take approximately four months for the clockmaker to construct the clock. They’re four clocks, one at each side, and would include the installation as well. So, if the proposal goes out in April, we’re looking at the end of August for installation,” Kevin Heritage, Scugog’s Director of Development Services, responded.

Ward 1 Councillor, David LeRoy said, this installation will be “a real improvement [for] our community.”

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