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Scugog Seeking Skate Instructors for the Blackstock Arena


The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog is on the lookout for skating instructors. The posting for instructors closes on December 16th at 4:30 p.m.

According to Michelle Rahm, the recreation and culture coordinator for the township, there are currently no skate instructors working for the Blackstock Arena. Ideally, the township would like to hire three or four instructors.

Ms. Rahm said, the township runs a 'Learn to Skate' program which is very successful. This program is currently only available at the Scugog Arena; and often has a wait-list.

“Learning to skate is a great fun way to exercise; as well as a skill which can be used in many other recreational activities or sports,” she explained.

The township is expanding the Learn to Skate program and bringing it to the Blackstock Arena. This way, Blackstock locals can learn how to skate closer to home. It also allows the township to offer the program to more residents outside of Port Perry, where the Scugog Arena is located.

Ms. Rahm said, the township needs more staff members and skate instructors to run the program at the Blackstock Arena.

“Our Learn to Skate program provides children an opportunity to develop skills and confidence in a recreational setting,” Ms. Rahm explained. “It’s all about the foundation of movement skills while keeping it fun!”

Skating instructors will gain valuable leadership skills from this program, and they will learn to use their creativity to make each skating lesson fun for their students.

Both students and instructors will learn to work as a team, by skating together and making learning how to skate a success.

Ms. Rahm believes the two most important qualities for a skating instructor are being enthusiastic and responsible.

In order to apply, you must be a minimum of 15 years old and a student currently enrolled in high school or post-secondary education.

Interested persons, if hired, will start in January 2023 and end their term sometime in March 2023. The Township will pay instructors $15.75 to $16.00 an hour. Please submit your resume by email, to the Township of Scugog’s general email inbox, at You can also forward your resume to Ms. Rahm by email. She can be reached directly, at

To view the full list of skill requirements and qualifications, please visit the Township of Scugog website, at

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