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Scugog mayor stresses council's focus on results, at a chamber luncheon

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: In her first address to Scugog Chamber of Commerce members, at a luncheon event, on Tuesday, March 28th, Mayor Wilma Wotten stressed, she and her council are focused on results.

“We will listen, we will respond, [and] we will make things happen. We will represent your interests, and work together to become the best Scugog we can in the next four years,” Mayor Wotten promised, at the Mayor’s Luncheon.

One of the Township’s ongoing focuses is on improving the state of municipal roads.

“We are making gains,” Mayor Wotten said. “Currently, we are investing $5 million annually in our infrastructure. This is expected to increase to $7.4 [million] in the next few years.”

She mentioned, the rehabilitation of Water Street in Port Perry and the replacement of a bridge on Jobb Road, as examples of projects planned for this year. She also pointed out the Region of Durham is planning to bring speed cameras to Port Perry’s Reach Street.

Scugog’s mayor touted the work being done with the Township’s waterfront action plan.

“It’s going to take shape. It’s not going to be one of those plans [which] sits on the shelf, which we so often hear when we ask for a new plan.”

She also stressed the need for the Township to tackle the impacts of climate change, like last year’s wind storm.

“We need to prepare this Township for extreme weather events and climate change. Our Emergency Service teams are working on the best way to do that.”

Mayor Wotten is also focused on advocating for a new long term care home in the municipality, and she is hopeful this term of council can find a permanent use for Port Perry’s Old Mill, as well.

She is encouraging residents to use the online portal, to provide comments and to be engaged in municipal processes.

“You’ll find surveys, opportunities for feedback, and information about community initiatives,” she said.

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