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SCUGOG ISLAND by Jeanne C. Le Saux-Ball

Call to worship was called by the newly appointed Reverend Ned Wells. A warm and friendly greeting went out to all. Reverend Ned Wells and his family was welcomed into the Little Church with a Big heart. Sunday November 10th was the Remembrance Day service at Scugog Island United Church. A Belated happy anniversary to Randy and Elizabeth Freeman on the 5th of November. Watch for a Special music Reflections trio on November 24th. December, 1st is Advent 1 and the annual, Christmas pot Blessing Dinner and Mystery friend Reveal. Brian Gordon Birnie will be performing Special Music. The offices on the First Nation will be shutting down for two weeks for the Christmas season, starting, December 20th, 2019 to January 06th, 2020. If you have any Island news please call me at 905-985-7662 or by email at

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