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Scugog Fall/Winter Camp Registration Is Now Open for 2022


The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog has reopened registration for fall and winter camp programs for 2022.

“This year, the Township of Scugog is offering about 120 camps,” stated Michelle Rahm, the recreation and culture coordinator.

Ms. Rahm also explained, “The Township offers fall and winter camp sessions during March Break, PA Days, two weeks of winter break camp and more.”

According to the Leisure and Play guide, available on the Township of Scugog website, at, there are multiple PA Day camps throughout the fall/winter semester, and staff also offer “party packages” for kids’ birthdays. Party packages allow families to leave the birthday planning of their child’s next birthday party to the Township recreation program staff. Parents have a few options of party packages to choose from, for their child’s birthday party.

“The programs we offer allow community members, of all ages, to get involved and active,” said Ms. Rahm.

The Township has many returning programs, from previous years, but there are some new ones as well. New programs include Jr. Gym, adult drop-in sports and youth basketball.

For all fall/winter camps this year, recreation staff are expecting around 200 participants. One person can register for multiple camps.

Ms. Rahm explained, “The fall/winter camps, offered by the Township of Scugog, provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for participants to explore and play. Participating in recreation activities provides many [mental and physical] health benefits.” Ms. Rahm went on to say, “And [these programs] allow community members to come together in a fun, positive, safe, and inclusive environment at the Recreation Centre.”

Participants who request a refund should submit it at least seven business days before the program start date. Send your withdrawal request to

According to the Township of Scugog website, if you don’t complete your registration within 24 hours, the camp spot will become available to the next waiting camper.

“We encourage participants to register on the waitlist, as additional spots or programs may open if there is demand,” states the Township of Scugog website.

The Township would also like interested people to know, transfers for swimming lessons will be considered, if you submit a transfer request three days before the scheduled swimming lesson. If you give less than three days notice, you will be charged a $5 administration fee for the transfer.

For full details concerning waitlists, the Township of Scugog’s refund policy for camps, and more information about registration, please visit the Township of Scugog website, at

You can find camp information listed under Live and Play, Recreation and then Register for a Program.

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