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Scugog allowing patios to stay this winter as COVID-19 protocol option

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog is allowing businesses on Port Perry’s Queen Street to keep their patios in place this winter. In a press release, sent out on Friday, January 22nd, the township stated businesses, which already have patios installed on this street, “were given the option to [have them] remain in place, to extend the season and allow opportunities for those restaurants to continue serving customers, while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.” To explain the rationale behind making this change this year, township staff cited the fact these patios “have not created any operational issues to date, with respect to snow removal,” the lockdown and stay at home order has made parking a non-issue, that these patios “will likely be used again during warmer days in March and April,” and the township does not “want businesses to incur unnecessary costs” during this pandemic. “All businesses with a seasonal patio will need to apply/re-apply for the 2021 season. The Township will be permitting other seasonal patios to be installed earlier this year, to provide a safer option for dining during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the press release read. The Township has allowed seasonal patios in Port Perry’s downtown since 2018, when a pilot project was started.


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