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S.A. Cawker Public School achieves third place in Canadian kids’ contest

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COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

SCUGOG: Congratulations to Teagyn Mackey for winning third place in the Marlin Spring Construction Creativity Contest. There were two other winners, as well, from Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Teagyn, nine, entered the contest because it gave him something to do during Covid-19. He created a replication of the Marlin Spring Stockyards District Residences Condominium site using Lego construction blocks as his medium. He didn’t have enough Lego of his own, so he borrowed a few pieces from his friend Declan, who assisted in the construction process. Once restrictions have lifted, the kids will get a tour of the Stockyards District Residences Condominium site.

Originally, Teagyn thought participants had to build their creations using Lego but after the contest was over he found out he could have used another material.

Upon hearing he’d won third place in the contest, he told his classmates, teacher, friends, and family. According to Teagyn, they were all very excited for him.

Teagyn won $500, and his homeroom teacher, Mr. Swain, was especially pleased to hear the news. In addition the school will receive prize money of $500.

Although S.A. Cawker is unsure what they will spend it on, Teagyn hopes they’ll use it to buy a new basketball hoop.

Teagyn already has his eyes set on more Lego and sharing some of the prize money with his friend. Additionally, he is interested in donating a portion of his earnings to the SickKids Foundation. Growing up, Teagyn spent quite a bit of time at SickKids, undergoing treatment for Leukemia. He and his family found out about the creative construction contest through a family friend.

“We know how difficult the lockdown is and the detrimental effects it’s been having on our youth,” said the CEO of Marlin Springs, Benjamin Bakst. “We hope this contest was able to bring a measure of help and hope to youth and their families and teachers.”

Marlin Springs is a real estate investment firm, located in Toronto. Marlin Springs was founded by CEO Benjamin Bakst and CFO Elliot Kazarnovsky in 2013. They acquire, develop, construct, and reposition assets throughout North America.


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